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The Good Old Days, Wanderlust & Happy Thoughts - 29 minutes ago
We Are A Group With Members of All Ages With Plenty of History - When it...
By Sherri_G - Everything Else

The Car Wash Life - 33 minutes ago
Brad on the Outs? - Dad has been giving serious thought to letting Brad...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

The Ciel Show - 58 minutes ago
Sunny but chilly today, and maybe rain or snow later... I've spent some...
By Ciel - Journal

Hot Off The Press! - 59 minutes ago
(No subject)
By Amanda__ - On Writing

Play It Again - 1 hour ago
Divine Assurance - ...
By Amanda__ - Movies & Entertainment

Manda's Musings - 1 hour ago
Good Morning - Good morning. A friend's daughter is having serious...
By Amanda__ - Opinion

Something Worth Leaving Behind - 1 hour ago
Declare It
By Amanda__ - Religion & Spirituality

C.C. - 1 hour ago
Boys leasing It was a war effort thing, well we thought so and the lady...
By C_C_T - Poetry

Animal Instincts & Pearls of Wisdom - 2 hours ago
These Are My Kind of People
By Sherri_G - Everything Else

Our Damaged Planet - 3 hours ago
OMG...I'm Gonna Skin Them Alive!
By Sherri_G - World

Annicita's Poetry, Short Stories & Thoughts - 3 hours ago
Post on FB and thought I would share with you - Earth's population is...
By Annicita - Poetry

Life in the fast lane--where's the on ramp? - 3 hours ago
NEW DAYS OF OUR BACKYARD SQUIRRELS, CONT'D - Roscoe and Dorothy - whom he...
By Pat_B - Journal

Oh no you didn't! - 3 hours ago
(No subject)
By Annicita - Humor

Pennsylvania & My Other Daily Travels - 4 hours ago
Pittsburgh is Hitting a Temperature of 72 Degrees Today - It is a sunny...
By Sherri_G - U.S.

Bessie James - 20 hours ago
YOUNG CHILDREN - Did you know you are special? God made you in his own...
By BLW2723 - Everything Else

The Bizarre, Retro and Everything Else - 22 hours ago
This is So Pretty and Magical That You Can Almost Smell It
By Sherri_G - Everything Else

My Education Experience - 1 day ago
Mr. Batts: Possible Principal - Mr. Batts would be a wonderful principal...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

Aspirations with Coffee Anytime! - 1 day ago
Already drank the coffee, ponder life - The last few days have been up and...
By kat83 - Journal

Goldiec - 2 days ago
Good Afternoon from Cleveland - It's in the 40s this afternoon but...
By Goldiec - On Writing

TAPS' Take - 2 days ago
Sleepover Vs Readover - Teenagers seem to love sleepovers--at least...
By TAPS. - Journal

Chiff .Chaff. - 3 days ago
I really do not know what to say today. If it was the first of May We...
By C_C_T - Home & Garden

Keeping Current - 3 days ago
First moon lander in half a century stops working a week after tipping over
By Amanda__ - News & Politics

Kabu Speaks - 3 days ago
I have been missing - The cold hasn't been a friend to either Jim or...
By Kabu - Everything Else

Big V Mumbles About Something - 4 days ago
Good morning. It was another chilly for Florida nights, and it's quite...
By BigV - Everything Else

The Effulgence Within - 4 days ago
Comedy lies in the artifice of Wit-Combat - Much Ado About Nothing is the...
By anib - Religion & Spirituality

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