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TAPS' Take - 1 minute ago
I Don't Go Looking For Trouble...But... - I knew it was on its way here....
By TAPS. - Journal

Quotes_&_Notes - 3 hours ago
If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "Thank you", that...
By BigV - Everything Else

Kabu Speaks - 11 hours ago
Fall is almost done... - ** and I still have last things to do outside, it...
By Kabu - Everything Else

Manda's Musings - 11 hours ago
By Amanda__ - Opinion

Something Worth Leaving Behind - 12 hours ago
By Amanda__ - Religion & Spirituality

HIPPY YEARBOOK - 13 hours ago
LATEST: Do you believe Khashoggi died in a fist fight? Would it take more? - ...
By BC-A - Fiction

Chiff .Chaff. - 14 hours ago
Help Help me this is not necessary Already my thoughts are misty This...
By C_C_T - Home & Garden

Today's Photo Shoot - 15 hours ago
Put Your Feet Up - Beautiful morning for coffee in front of the south...
By TAPS. - Arts & Photography

Bill's Coffee Roost - 15 hours ago
Should teachers be allowed to date each other? A student at a later time? - ...
By BC-A - Fiction

Butter For Danse Themes - 15 hours ago
New Suit - Weather be damned Time has arrived To follow A new suit
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

Curio Spring Billboard - 16 hours ago
Nickel - Back in the poor days Of drug store cigars And the clerks Who in...
By teddypoet52 - Journal

C.C. - 16 hours ago
More sad tales from my memoires. 'Alright Ada I'll come with you. Jim...
By C_C_T - Science Fiction & Fantasy

Diving Into Pools Reflected - 16 hours ago
Hope - She seems A fair journey From this moment Of dispensed time... The...
By teddypoet52 - Fiction

Reflections In A Rainbarrel - 17 hours ago
Road Thought - California calls I shall be on the road At week's end Good...
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

watermelon stairwell - 17 hours ago
Flow - Southeast Drop the clouds Brilliant white Flows The cotton mile
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

BC-A'S GROOVY CORNER - 17 hours ago
Do medical name badges help feeling safe? Should staff, families, & clergy - ...
By BC-A - Fiction

Big V Talks About Religion & Spirituality - 17 hours ago
Vengeance - I find three major reasons to purge all thoughts and feelings...
By BigV - Religion & Spirituality

Photos By Big V - 17 hours ago
Just Scenery Today - Nothing 'spectacular' today, just a scenery shot that...
By BigV - Arts & Photography

Big V Mumbles About Something - 17 hours ago
It is about 35 out right now, with a steady 20 mph wind out of the...
By BigV - Everything Else

GLOBAL TARGETING - 18 hours ago
Earth is Deadly - It is a very deadly planet here and how I have lived...
By Joanofrance - Religion & Spirituality

The Car Wash Life - 19 hours ago
Most Popular Vending - Armor All Original Protectant sponge packs are the...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

Life in the fast lane--where's the on ramp? - 19 hours ago
MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - I saw something posted on Blogit yesterday...
By Pat_B - Journal

If I get smart with will you know? - 20 hours ago
FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million... - ...
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

It's Time To Get Your Head Out Of Your App! - 20 hours ago
Court: Obama Admin Dodged State Laws To Get Illegal Minors Abortions! - ...
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

Living In A Post-Common Sense America - 21 hours ago
Elizabeth Warren Shouldn't Have Been Campaigning Over Oklahoma! - AKA:...
By Corbin_Dallas - News & Politics

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