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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Literary Quarrel: Dryden’s Mac Flecknoe

Dryden's Mac Flecknoe (written 1678, published 1682) was the result of a literary and personal quarrel between Dryden and Thomas Shadwell, a minor playwright. The poem is full of allusions to literary figures, plays, poems and publishers. Mac Flecknoeis a mock-heroic satire. This is literary a mode... Sign in to see full entry.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Quiet Zeal beneath a Mask of Jocularity

Expostulation and Reply”, which is one of the doctrinal poems in Lyrical Ballads, takes the form of a debate between William, who is Wordsworth himself, and his “good friend” Matthew, who is Hazlitt. The first three stanzas contain Matthew’s remonstrance; the last four stanzas contain William’s... Sign in to see full entry.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Paul’s Voyage to Rome: Did his Faith Save Him

I have often observed in the writings of many of my Christian friends raising an important issue on dying for faith's sake, saying - "because of faithful men like Peter and Paul, as well as the other disciples, Christianity flourished". Here is the story of Paul from the Bible. Please read on... Sign in to see full entry.

Creon in Sophocles’ Antigone

Polynices, Greek for “manifold strife” the son of Oedipus and Jocasta, was born of an incestuous relationship between Oedipus and his mother. Jocasta was the wife of king Laius whom also Oedipus had earlier killed in a duel without knowing his relationship to either. Thus, grave sins are incurred by... Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

A Grammarian’s Funeral

A company of a grammarian's pupils are bearing their master's coffin for burial at the summit of a mountain. One of them tells his story and dilates on the praises of the departed scholar. They cannot fittingly bury their master on the plain with the common folk. He shall rest on a peak whose height... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Existence Unbounded

I have often been accused of provocation and I admit that I love to provoke - provoke you into an inquiry, not into faith. The real search into the mysteries of life come not so much through faith as from skepticism. When something becomes an experience, you don't require faith to believe it; you... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

No,no, No Time to think ... Just lift your skirt up

Three nuns were returning to their monastery in the evening through a lonely path. They heard footsteps behind them and a man's voice shouting at them to stop. The nuns were sure that the person following them had bad intent. The nuns whispered to each other, and one nun veered off to the left, and... Sign in to see full entry.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Do Not be Fooled by Knowledge

It is difficult to translate the Sanskrit word ajnana (ignorance) for a lack of its English equivalent, hence the ambivalence.To the Western way of thinking the word 'ignorance' conveys a state of stupor or a "blanking out of the mind". But it is not so. All knowledge is of the mind - accumulation... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Poems are Monuments of the Soul’s Magnificence

Byzantium (that is, Constantinople or Istambul) was the capital of Eastern Roman Empire, an empire of Hellenic Christian culture which lasted from the third century A.D. to the fifteenth. Yeats knew of the Byzantine civilization mainly through reading. In the poem Sailing to Byzantium, Byzantium... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Is What Buddha not teach more important

Buddha, his childhood name was Gautama, was born in 536 BC. His father, the king of Kapilavastu, India (now known as Nepal) wished to learn the future of the boy, and an assemblage of seven great astrologers of the age sat to discuss mutually and make a correct foretelling. Six of them raised their... Sign in to see full entry.

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