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Play It Again - 1 day ago
A God For All Peoples - ...
By Amanda__

Why We Are The Flesh (2016) Deserves More Credit - Jun 7, 2019
I am greatly ingrigued by horror films. However, I'm not one of these...
By Andygogetter89

' Entertainment - Movies - TV Shows - Celebrities' - May 25, 2019
Was the Dothraki language made up in the TV Series The Game of Thrones? - ...
By christinadanderson

Movies that I see in the movie theater. - Nov 25, 2018
Bohemian Rhapsody - i saw the queen movie with my best friend last weekend.
By ivyparkgirl

Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries - Aug 1, 2018
The last defense Darlie Routier - Darlie Routier was on unsolved mysteries...
By ivyparkgirl

American Stew - Oct 26, 2015
Jury of Her Tears - Jury of Her Tears It is evident to me in most drama or...
By QuailNest

NAME THAT MOVIE! - Feb 24, 2014
LOOK AT WHAT A MESS THAT BIRD MADE! - OK you can see who it is. But why is...
By Whacky

Jeff on TV - Feb 18, 2014
Rooting for Jimmy - I had never seen Jimmy Fallon perform before I got him...
By jollyjeff

Getting ready for the Oscars! - Jan 23, 2014
Gigi: 1958 and musicals of the past - The year I was born Gigi was the top...
By asurvivor58

News from the Screen Actors - Dec 9, 2013
Porn Industry Shuts Down For 3rd Time After Another Actor Tests + for HIV - ...
By zephyr

Montgomery Clift - Aug 5, 2013
Monty Interview, 1962 (Part V) -
By numberonemcfan

Movie Chronicles - Feb 3, 2012
Update - Well, my movie watching has slowed down a tad but, I would have...
By Brett_Filmfan

LJ's Entertainment Report - Jan 25, 2012
My Week with Marilyn - I am a huge Marilyn fan so I was hoping I would...
By LJMaggie

A Series of Random Reviews - Sep 11, 2010
Random Movie Reviews No. 2 Grey Gardens (Documentary) (1975) - Grey...
By Michfost

Twilight fan who is a mom - Jul 11, 2010
breaking dawn - Okay so I am going to see Eclipse again this Thursday with...
By FrannieF30

This Week In Musical Theater History - Apr 19, 2010
March 21st to the 27th - March 21 The A. Baldwin Slone musical version of...
By kidnykid

DiamondLife Talks - Jul 7, 2009
After Michael Jackson's Memorial...saying thank you - The greatest...
By DiamondLife

Name that TV Show - Mar 21, 2009
Name that TV March 21, 2009 - Rob Buddy
By jollyjeff

The Nitpicker's Guide to the Movies - Feb 13, 2009
Week Eighteen: #34 - Star Wars II - The Nitpicker’s Guide to the movies...
By Nitpicker

It's Only A Movie - Jan 22, 2009
Oscar Rears Its Ugly Head - Looking over the just-announced Academy Award...
By Soaker

My delving into exploitation movies - Dec 11, 2008
Change to this blog - I think I'm going to change this blog from just B...
By starr4all

A Review of All Things - Nov 29, 2008
Australia : The Movie - I must admit that a tremour passed through my...
By robdon67

The First and Nth Time - Oct 27, 2008
50 First Dates - Yesterday I watched 50 First Dates for the n th time…...
By MariaCristina

All My Entertainment (AME) - Oct 19, 2008
By ebard

Observations of a TV addict - Aug 11, 2008
Bernie Mac 1957-2008 - How much we take true stars for granted. When I...
By Isabel_Whitaker

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