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Mature Audiences

BigV Talks About Grief - 4 hours ago
Tears have a wisdom all their own. They come when a person has relaxed...
By BigV

Quotes_&_Notes - 4 hours ago
“However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call...
By BigV

RP's Quick Pics - 7 hours ago
Disney Did It! - Do these two go together?
By RPresta

RP's Theatre of the (Almost) Absurd - 7 hours ago
"But, Mom, I Don't LIKE the Cafeteria Food..." (RP as a Little Kid) - "But...
By RPresta

Kabu Speaks - 12 hours ago
tomorrow will be a big day yet again. - ** Wiley is to go into hospital...
By Kabu

Big V Mumbles About Something - 12 hours ago
The clowns that run this town decided to take the four square blocks...
By BigV

dunthat - 13 hours ago
American Abortions - This is REAL news - A radio headline in this...
By DunThat

Did I Say That? - 19 hours ago
Quit Sayin "Good Boy" and "Good Girl"...
By Corbin_Dallas

Loosely Speaking - 5 days ago
What can we learn from debates? - Not much, I say. We already know what...
By Ciel

Return - 11 days ago
Alive - Sometimes, most moments actually, all that matters is you still...
By Katray2

Diving Into Pools Reflected - 14 days ago
By teddypoet52

Every Little Thought Random or Not - Aug 5, 2019
What is the Most Unusual Restaurant You Have Heard About? - I believe this...
By GypsyButterflyCA

Seraphina_Moon - Jul 23, 2019
New Writer Here! - Hi & welcome to part of my little space online! I write...
By Seraphina_Moon

' Question of the Day - Random Thoughts ' - May 25, 2019
Why do so many people want to know the time they were born? - What did...
By christinadanderson

This Could Be About Anything - Apr 6, 2019
Jackie Dog - I had to have my Jackie dog put down the other day. She was...
By geri

Raysongs ll - Mar 20, 2019
Hey y'all - Just thought I'd drop in to see what condition my condition is...
By raysongs64

Raysongs again - Mar 20, 2019
They die so young - red bandana wrapped around his head, cold black bags...
By raysongs64

Thought that you would like to know... - Nov 27, 2018
Migrants want to Bum-Rush Themselves in the USA - ...but why don't they...
By zephyr

Holidays and national days - Nov 15, 2018
I love to write day - November 15 is national I love to write day.
By ivyparkgirl

When Things Just Work - Nov 5, 2018
Charming Proposal With A BIG Surprise! - I know this young man, Karthish...
By GoldenMean

jeansaw - Jul 18, 2018
yes we have the resources to save all the poor people in the world,...
By overtherainbow

Every Mind of Kasper Hoe - Apr 8, 2018
Poem: Hold Me Tonight. (Re-post) - Maybe I was wrong Baby please let me...
By kasperhoe

Ray'sWorld - Mar 6, 2018
so.. the other day - the roads were closed due to an ice storm. Being the...
By Raysongs

Wiley John Coyote - Feb 19, 2018
When you;re seventy! - I was standing in the Club one night minding my own...
By WileyJohn

Wiley's Agogablog - Jan 5, 2018
Races - A day at the races Two female teachers took a group of students...
By WileyJohn

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