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Kabu Speaks - 19 hours ago
I have been missing - The cold hasn't been a friend to either Jim or...
By Kabu

Animal Instincts & Pearls of Wisdom - 20 hours ago
Idiot In Training
By Sherri_G

The Bizarre, Retro and Everything Else - 20 hours ago
Even Though He Makes You Moan, He is the Worst Bed Buddy Ever!
By Sherri_G

Bessie James - 1 day ago
By BLW2723

Big V Mumbles About Something - 1 day ago
Good morning. It was another chilly for Florida nights, and it's quite...
By BigV

Grief Quotes and Notes - 1 day ago
"June is gone. For the first time, the enormity of that hits me. Every...
By BigV

The Good Old Days, Wanderlust & Happy Thoughts - 1 day ago
Damn Right!
By Sherri_G

PERPLEXITIES - 3 days ago
Counting Steps - The geese are loud today, and many, and active, pooping...

Loosely Speaking - 23 days ago
So, even without Trump on the Republican primary ballot in Nevada, Niki...
By Ciel

Sea Gypsy’s Theatre of the (Almost) Absurd - Jan 25, 2024
It's "Spunkie's" Birthday! - So who's Spunkie, you ask? He's one of my...
By Sea_Gypsy

Sea Gypsy’s Scenes in Dreams - Dec 31, 2023
The Class of Days Gone By - HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! - Sophia Loren...
By Sea_Gypsy

Love Sonnet Eternal - In the garden of life, where blossoms sway, Two...
By MsJudy

All Things Astrologically Speaking - Dec 29, 2023
Embracing the Marvels of the Stars in Heaven - Gazing up at the night sky,...
By MsJudy

Opinionated Bitch - Sep 12, 2023
Tips - As some of you may recall, I work in Payroll. I recently accepted a...
By Jemmie211

Lisa Unchained - Jun 10, 2023
Hi. V is sound asleep & I will be in a few minutes. I just wanted to say...
By BigV

Seven Stages of my Life-Dr.K.Padmini PhD - May 8, 2023
Journey to Hyderabad - Rajkumar who is neighbor and old friend of Ooty...
By Kumudini

where is our child - Feb 24, 2023
where is our little girl - WEII I CAN PULL THIS OFF. I DID USED TO BE A A...
By jessie_jean

jessie_jean - Feb 9, 2023
This old house. - IT IS just a house! NO, it is not. This old house is the...
By jessie_jean

Christy's couch - Jan 2, 2023
JUST A VERY QUICK HELLO - Hello my dear wonderful friends... I'm afraid...
By lovelyladymonk

Modern Haiku Recipes/Diving Into Pools Reflected - Oct 31, 2022
Margins - A different fusion Contemplates While I trade Margins For moonlight
By teddypoet52

Waves of Life - Aug 12, 2022
WHEN YOU BECOME A MOTHER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - When...
By WaterKat

WHAT'S THE SECRET HERE? - Jul 30, 2022
QUESTIONS into Answers... - Upon meditating today I had a sudden...
By WaterKat

OMG...LAST NIGHT'S DREAM,,,HOW FUNNY ! LOL - DREAM: I was at an Ex's place...
By WaterKat

Did I Say That? - Aug 21, 2021
Trump Doubles Down! And for Biden, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. - ...
By Corbin_Dallas

Every Little Thought Random or Not - May 29, 2021
I'll be Starting My Treatment - Hi, everyone. Hope that you're all...
By GypsyButterflyCA

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