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Mature Audiences

Big V Mumbles About Something - 12 hours ago
Ahhh, yes. I love a good insult. "He is a self-made man and worships his...
By BigV

The Unexplained, Retro and Everything Else - 20 hours ago
This Dedicated Researcher and Explorer Discovered Our Most Divine Treat - ...
By Sherri_G

Grief Quotes and Notes - 23 hours ago
"Before I lost my father, I never understood the rituals surrounding...
By BigV

Kabu Speaks - 1 day ago
Yes CCT I kissed the Blarny stone when i was about 21 years old. - I can't...
By Kabu

Lisa Unchained - 2 days ago
hi! It has been raining here most of the day but we sat outside under...
By BigV

Loosely Speaking - 2 days ago
Remembering histories - There is comfort and empowerment in knowing what...
By Ciel

Waves of Life - 3 days ago
WHEN YOU BECOME A MOTHER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - When...
By WaterKat

PERPLEXITIES - 11 days ago
Swollen Head? - A change in the atmosphere here yesterday and today, with...

Sea Gypsy’s Scenes in Dreams - 12 days ago
They said he was evil. They said he was brilliant. He was probably both. - ...
By Sea_Gypsy

Sea Gypsy’s Theatre of the (Almost) Absurd - 12 days ago
Sooo - They can bring dead pig cells back to life! - Of course they aren't...
By Sea_Gypsy

WHAT'S THE SECRET HERE? - 16 days ago
QUESTIONS into Answers... - Upon meditating today I had a sudden...
By WaterKat

OMG...LAST NIGHT'S DREAM,,,HOW FUNNY ! LOL - DREAM: I was at an Ex's place...
By WaterKat

Modern Haiku Recipes/Diving Into Pools Reflected - Jun 18, 2022
Takes - It takes so long And then you are numb... Another shade Of madness
By teddypoet52

Did I Say That? - Aug 21, 2021
Trump Doubles Down! And for Biden, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. - ...
By Corbin_Dallas

Every Little Thought Random or Not - May 29, 2021
I'll be Starting My Treatment - Hi, everyone. Hope that you're all...
By GypsyButterflyCA

Every Mind of Kasper Hoe - May 23, 2021
Deleted story pieces but... - Hi, dear fellow "citizens" of BlogitVille,...
By kasperhoe

Horrible Bosses - Mar 31, 2021
Alcohol at its finest - Micromanaging my life and how to get out of it. It...
By Horrible_bosses9073

Porch Light Pets - Mar 31, 2021
Do you think of women serving in the military? - Just in case some of you...
By QuailNest

raywordslll - Mar 18, 2021
Legend of the Cherokee Maps - It's finally done!! Now available on Amazon...
By Raysongs

Opinionated Bitch - Feb 6, 2021
At A Loss - So there is this woman in my life... I don't know her well....
By Jemmie211

Ray'sWorld - Jan 18, 2021
Somebody's Hero - I was going to complain,brag, give you my particular...
By Raysongs

Thought that you would like to know... - Oct 18, 2020
Trump is Like the Wabbit who has the Gun - right now - The hunted has...
By zephyr

For The Love of Money - Sep 4, 2020
Fixed Odds - The House always wins.... Everyone knows that. The Odds of me...
By Jenifer_D

jessejeans page - Jul 7, 2020
Just A Short Prayer for KABU - Good morning GOD, AND JESUS MY SAVIOR....
By jessejean12

Character dressed to kill - Jan 7, 2020
fashion escape - when inprocessing finger printing was electronic reading...
By moon_bookstore

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