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Photos by Big V - Jul 24, 2023
Just A Nice Stream - I love streams like this!
By BigV - Arts & Photography

Magick - Jul 19, 2023
psychic tarot phone line - Last night I used a psychic tarot phone line....
By slam - Religion & Spirituality

Inside The Purple Purse - Jun 23, 2023
Gosh time flies - I had a wonderful couple of days with Robert. The...
By Inside_The_Purple_Purse - Journal

beautifull - Jun 20, 2023
Fears, Desires, Reality - Fears Not teaching enough Not leading well Not...
By bluethumper80 - Relationships

Rescuing Beanie Saving me - Jun 15, 2023
O k yeah, Beanie is in the house and patiently inquietly sitting below...
By Inside_The_Purple_Purse - Pets

Dream Diary - Jun 11, 2023
Romance - I rarely have any romance in my life. Mainly due to my own...
By slam - Religion & Spirituality

Lisa Unchained - Jun 10, 2023
Hi. V is sound asleep & I will be in a few minutes. I just wanted to say...
By BigV - Everything Else

My photos - May 20, 2023
By Kumudini - Travel

Dr.K.Padmini PhD-A Trilingual Writer - May 18, 2023
Story of Swayambhu Stupa mountain - There is a Buddha statue erected in...
By Kumudini - Fiction

Driftwood - May 15, 2023
Oh dear lost the plot - Does anyone know how to save an entry as you...
By mneme - Journal

Seven Stages of my Life-Dr.K.Padmini PhD - May 8, 2023
Journey to Hyderabad - Rajkumar who is neighbor and old friend of Ooty...
By Kumudini - Everything Else

where is our child - Feb 24, 2023
where is our little girl - WEII I CAN PULL THIS OFF. I DID USED TO BE A A...
By jessie_jean - Everything Else

where is our little girl - Feb 20, 2023
where is our little girl - cHARLIE LOOKED AWAY FROM c.k. "yOU REALLY MEAN...
By jessie_jean - Family & Parenting

tales from the murky splurge - Feb 14, 2023
Hiya, Thought I would drop in as have not been on here for a while. Hope...
By spiderfly - Poetry

where is our little girl - Feb 13, 2023
where is our little girl - "C.K.? What has happened to you,too make sucha...
By jessie_jean - Family & Parenting

Angels Eyes - Feb 12, 2023
Angels Eyes - Angel Eyes Total darkness invades the sky: Grasping for...
By jessie_jean - Poetry

jessie_jean - Feb 9, 2023
This old house. - IT IS just a house! NO, it is not. This old house is the...
By jessie_jean - Everything Else

Curio Spring Billboard/Staccato Rainbow - Feb 5, 2023
Net Air - Learning To breathe Without A net
By teddypoet52 - Journal

Butter For Danse Themes/New Florida - Feb 4, 2023
Pillow Talk - one-sided verbal I know she hears me a nightly string of...
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

Marty it's okay to be different. - Jan 25, 2023
Marty it's okay to be different- Decisions made - After dinner, mom sat in...
By LUBY123 - Fiction

HOW I BECAME - Jan 24, 2023
Help Gd - Dear God, i have no idea whats going on in this season of my...
By AntoineJ2121 - Journal

Cosmic Horizons - Jan 10, 2023
The Most Extreme Objects Ever Discovered Black holes are among the...
By Willrol - Science & Nature

Pumpkin's Fall (mis)Adventures - Jan 10, 2023
Already into the new year - It's been two months since I've been on here...
By KairiEs_Fictional_Life - Fiction

Christy's couch - Jan 2, 2023
JUST A VERY QUICK HELLO - Hello my dear wonderful friends... I'm afraid...
By lovelyladymonk - Everything Else

The Repatriated ExPat - Dec 26, 2022
Boxing Day - How nice to have a day for just unwinding after the busy...
By mneme - Journal

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