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Fibromyalgia by skye08 - Feb 6, 2024
Waiting on God - I could always tell when I a patient had a patient...
By skye08

Resolution for 2020 - Dec 24, 2020
There is NO either good or bad ... - Dwelling in the duality... Our mind...
By Wuming

Wuming's health approach - Dec 24, 2020
Be gentle with ourselves and others ... - Treat an uncomfortable moment......
By Wuming

The difference between conscious and subconscious - Dec 22, 2020
Our true self is always at ease ... - It is our EGO feeling sensitive,...
By Wuming

The most important thing in my life - Dec 17, 2020
Life on earth is limited ... - Life on earth is limited &... Life is far...
By Wuming

Chi Gong for Old Farts - Nov 15, 2020
Today's Lesson - ...
By Shams-i-Heartsong

' AAA MASTERS GUIDE TO Health, Weight Loss' - May 24, 2019
Is it worth it for me to go to a massage therapist for stress? - More: Why...
By christinadanderson

Me and Mya - Jan 13, 2019
Me and Mya - I woke from my nap and was hungry and needed to take my...
By LUBY123

Hair Dye Alertness - Apr 7, 2017
Hair Dye Alertness - Researchers have found that the chemical...
By healthysmiles4u

Remembering when My Health was Phenomenal - Jan 29, 2017
By pendorin

own your own business!!!!! ask me how! - Apr 8, 2016
my ears are the sensitive
By Star5_

Have You Ever Heard of Oxidative Stress - Feb 9, 2016
Additional Oxidative Stress Information - After further research, you can...
By suestory56a

Health Alert! - Feb 19, 2015
New Anti-HIV Candidate Blocks Every Strain of HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV - By...
By zephyr

Nursing Health Strategies - Nov 20, 2013
Customize Your Fat Loss - Don't be discouraged when 20 or 30 percent above...
By Mind_Portal

Crazy people doing crazy things - Jan 7, 2013
"ladies and gentleman, elvis has left the building" - but where did he go?...
By artificial_sweetener

Dear MS, you are not invited to my birthday. - Nov 5, 2012
what NOT to say - There are a few things we all know. Do not ask a woman...
By artificial_sweetener

InShape with Mindalicious - Aug 30, 2012
Done! - Sorry....but I don't have the time for this like I thought I...
By Mindalicious

Tea Discussion - Jun 13, 2012
Please discuss anything pertaining to green tea - Welcome health...
By peacefulgreen2day

Huffing and Puffing - Apr 18, 2012
Let's try this... - OK so I just came up with the brilliant idea that I...
By TissiBlake

Impeccability - Mar 25, 2012
He who is filled with the knowledge of names and forms has no capacity ... - ...
By Shams-i-Heartsong

Calimurphy's personal fitness progress. - Jan 26, 2012
Explanations Diet/Fitness Experiment - Dear Reader, For this blog, I am...
By Kellyann

Cali's Personal Progress - Health and Fitness. - Jan 26, 2012
I have suffered from anorexia or bulemia on and off my entire adult...
By Kellyann

Healthy Habits - Jan 12, 2012
The Ultimate Healthy have 5 seconds...Do ItNOW - Visit...
By globug771

Let us not forget what our pets do for our health even if they sleep in our
By Dark_Dreamer

A Trichster's Tricks Never End - Mar 20, 2011
About Hypnosis - With all the information I've been gathering about...
By KriMo83

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