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Annicita's Poetry, Short Stories & Thoughts - 3 hours ago
I feel much better since I had a night out. I can't seem to finish this...
By Annicita

RickFlint - 4 hours ago
A CALL FROM THE PAST - A CALL FROM THE PAST Familiar tones across the...
By RickFlint

Poetry Gypsy - 14 hours ago
Poem - Edit - MOONBEAMS AND MIRACLES Savant soothsayers mysterious speak...
By RPresta

HIPPY YEARBOOK - 1 day ago
Weather words wonder in syntax highs and lows warm and cold in...

Butter For Danse Themes - 3 days ago
In Dive - Walking the well Toeing Each ripple I think of you In dive
By teddypoet52

Poetry is to Music as Lyric is to Soul - 16 days ago
Don't Go Back to Sleep - Don't Go Back to Sleep "The breeze at dawn has...
By Shams-i-Heartsong

C.C. - 18 days ago
Event. Rare starts plump the cushion of capacity. Awareness plunges...
By C_C_T

Reflections In A Rainbarrel - 20 days ago
Recall - Zero To sixty five Bearing all the years Between Recall Without...
By teddypoet52

watermelon stairwell - 22 days ago
Missouri Valley Burning - Cheap wine Hard times Railroad man lost To a...
By teddypoet52

Eclectic Whispers and Intuitions - Jan 17, 2018
Poetry from Eclectic Whispers and Intuitions - Poems below are titled 1...
By aries321

Raywords - Jan 15, 2018
Ice Queen - crystaline reflections, adorn the landscape, sparkling with...
By Raysongs

Poetry of all kinds:Great topics and mystery games - Jan 15, 2018
Earnings on Blogit - How long does it take to receive your eearning aftr...
By JennyHeart

tales from the murky splurge - Jan 15, 2018
I started to write a poem about the India that overwhelms me so much. I...
By spiderfly

Raysongs II - Jan 7, 2018
The Knight's Quest - The knight asked of his Princess, "What is it I must...
By Raysongs

Haiku And Other Aperçus - Jan 2, 2018
Minus Three Degrees - dreaded but needed a trip out into the cold Where...

Candy Box - Dec 26, 2017
Warming to awakening - Crystals of rain frozen and dusted with cloud...
By Katray2

The Old and The New ~ Memories and a Promise... - Dec 10, 2017
Surge (Alloy Musings Onward) - Threads weave and hold sky over home rising...
By Katray2

Homeless - Dec 4, 2017
Homeless - Homeless I am homeless. I do not like being without a home...
By sandilynn99

Bipolar Poetry - Dec 2, 2017
Contencious, Narcissistic - TAKEN TO TASK I'm taken to task because that's...
By Bipolar_Poet

Poetic Corner of Kasper Hoe - Nov 28, 2017
Christmas in loneliness - While people are busy making mess With turkeys...
By kasperhoe

Vic's poetry by Jessie - Nov 24, 2017
The last one - We all work in obscurity, hoping to be...
By JessieE

Jamie's Poetry - Nov 15, 2017
"Time Travel" Dark, lifeless ice cold, Tis my youth to see To the past I...
By DrPammie

When Wisdom Stood... - Oct 25, 2017
When Wisdom Stood... IV "451-455." - When Wisdom Stood... IV "451."...
By Chuck_E_Ibrahim

Poetry and Observations by Yafanna - Oct 17, 2017
Another dreamin approx. June, 2017 - I seemed to wake up on my bed, in my...
By yafanna

An American Oddity - Sep 13, 2017
Möbius Operandi I - Möbius Operandi I by Justin Orlando on February 4,...
By Jorlando

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