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December 18, 2007
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Annicita's Poetry, Short Stories & Thoughts - 8 hours ago
Update - This morning I answered 20 questions for a film festival...
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Oh no you didn't! - 9 hours ago
I couldn't help it...too funny
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Shorties - Apr 25, 2022
Fade Out part 140 - “That was just rented. There’s not much traffic in or...
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A Modern Day Cinderella - Dec 30, 2007

by Annicita624 words, poem

Modern Day Fairy Tale. The story of Princess Diana ala Anne Sexton. This has been a project of over 10 years with many rewrites.

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A candidate must not be soiled Virginal as the fresh fallen snow. So that with his first thrust all will know that the issue is his, not another's. Her beauty shall be as the airbrushed ads That taunt us into buying their products to achieve what is beyond our grasp. To deny herself and her needs will bring happiness ever after. Once upon a time There was a prince.