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Oh no you didn't! - 7 hours ago
(No subject)
By Annicita

Laughter is good medicine - Dec 29, 2023
Joke of The Day
By MsJudy

Julynn'sJottings - Aug 30, 2023
A Swing on the Back Porch - In which Aunt Romaine gets to talking, Our...
By julynn

Picture This! - Aug 19, 2021
Biden wants to take your Guns...He Have a Massive Stockpile to the Taliban!
By Corbin_Dallas

Life's Gentle Lessons - Nov 28, 2020
Fear Not, The Abyss - Fear Not, The Abyss Rate This He awoke from the most...
By Shams-i-Heartsong

The Bolgitingest - Aug 8, 2020
GAYAN 181 - BOULA -140 – That person becomes conqueror of life who learns t
By Shams-i-Heartsong

Food is more important to me than air - Jun 30, 2020
Running nose - A student is absent from school.The next day when he goes...
By adventurer02

Warped thoughts - Apr 14, 2020
Taling to myself...again - During this time of staying home, what to do,...
By food4thought

Bub - Mar 19, 2020
His friend died - I haven't seen him cry like this a very long time... I...
By Mary_What

Whacky's Corner - Nov 23, 2019
Whoo Whoo! - I went on a train Ride! That is the train! More Pictures to...
By Whacky

The Daily Bilge - Jul 29, 2019
The Daily Bilge
By Natashee

' 1 OF THE MANY FUNNY MOMENTS ' - May 24, 2019
What Are Funniest Bud Light commercials of all time? - More: What are the...
By christinadanderson

I struggle2, find funny2 - Feb 1, 2019
I struggle with EVERYTHING - I have to go along with everything he tells...
By myfirstry

Do you know my "friend", Ellen? - Feb 1, 2019
Oh how I wish I could call you! - Well I haven't been able to talk to EM...
By myfirstry

"Blogging is for idiots only!" - Nov 2, 2018
If you love Donald Trump... or don't give a shit about The Donald - If you...
By zephyr

The Riffs Room Re-upholstered - Jan 2, 2018
A resolution... - Has another year gone by already? Of course it has. And...
By strat

KITTY LITTER - Jul 17, 2017
I LOST MY PHOTOBUCKET... SO HERE'S A NEW POST... __________________________
By -blackcat

Short and Simple Observations - Jul 8, 2017
Slowly Becoming ... Bleached Bones - The other day, I complained to a...
By simpledykie

Simple Observations - Jun 19, 2017
Those Nasty Feet - Last night I went to my weekly kick-boxing class, and...
By simpledykie

Start The Day With Laughter!!! - May 9, 2017
Mechanically Speaking... Automation Has Its Quirks, too!
By sam444

Writeher - Mar 13, 2017
Poem - I Found a Country Road in the Middle of an Island I Found a Country...
By writeher

MajorMajor's Moments - Jan 11, 2017
Retirement - Am I Crazy? - Hello. Just found this site. Never "blogged"...
By MajorMajor

Jimmy Rod's Best Shot - Mar 25, 2016
Was Purcell Paid by dinky gwb to Screw up Arizona Voting?
By Tahoe_Red_Dog

Jimmy Rod's Best Shot - Mar 24, 2016
Krissy Mattthews Advocates Fear of Isil ass holes. Fuck you krissy.
By jimmyrod

THE DAILY STRUGGLES WITH A HALF-WIT - I do try so very very hard, to the...
By Kiddo75

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