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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Mama kept the radio going, and I learned the words to many popular songs. It was common in those days for network bands to cover the major hits of the day, as well as Broadway show tunes. TV had not yet come to the mountain foothills, although there were a couple network channels broadcasting from... Sign in to see full entry.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


I was pouring a second cup of coffee when I heard the next-door neighbor's car pull into their driveway. She'd left for work around 7:30 as usual. I looked out to see her, in her work outfit, hurry into the house. Was she sick? I went back to my kitchen chores, heard her car door slam. She had piled... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Good Day for a Hike

Today is Day 1 of the Eternal Trial of DJT for falsifying business records to cover up a payoff to a porn star. He and his lawyer thought they were smart, that they'd buried the bribe money in baffling double-entries. But the lawyer spent a little jail time for his part in the mess and is now about... Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

On The Bus - 1997

I was headed home from work one afternoon, on the bus that runs from the Capitol Hill area, through the downtown International District (Chinatown) and south past Beacon Hill to drop me off on 15th Ave., for the walk to my little house on 16th. At that hour the bus was always crowded, often standing... Sign in to see full entry.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

What if...

Gun violence among teens is a big freakin' deal in St. Louis according to the tv news. Kids as young as 12 are out in the late hours, packing "heat," and getting into rumbles in certain neighborhoods. Gangs? Drug deals gone bad? Carrying guns their folks didn't lock up? Disputes that began at school... Sign in to see full entry.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Rosie The Riveter: We Can Do It!

When I was in third grade or thereabouts, my older sis Marje was already out of school and working at the shipyard in Bremerton where U.S. Navy ships went for repairs or upgrades. My older brother John had enlisted in the Navy, my cousin Bob was a Marine, Del was in the army. WWII was hot in Europe,... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, April 11, 2024


In baseball, a batter at the plate only gets three swings and misses before he's out. In our legal system, it seems you get as many turns at the plate as you want, as long as you can afford to hire a lawyer or two. This week the amazing donald demanded a postponement of at least one of his New York... Sign in to see full entry.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Bad Jokes and Sanctimonious Superiority

I noticed there were no people of color in that congregation. They preached against drinking alcohol, using tobacco, dancing and women wearing revealing, flashy clothes. In the adult Bible study group one Wednesday, a guy stood up to speak. He started off with a joke about the Gateway Arch. He said... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, April 8, 2024


Got caught up in sports yesterday - partly to avoid the news/politics blather. I've been amazed by Iowa Women's basketball team during the NCAA championships, especially Caitlin Clark (#22). She scored 30 points in the championship game against South Carolina, but that team was unbeatable, winning... Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, April 7, 2024


As I pushed my cart among the aisles at Target, I decided to look for the cookie aisle. I hoped they'd have a particular brand of butter-flavored wafer that I had run out of. There was a woman nearby wearing a knit hat with the label "Security" embroidered on it, a laden key chain hooked to her... Sign in to see full entry.

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