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Chiff .Chaff. - 1 day ago
I have been doing my income tax. It must have wrinkled my brain In a way...
By C_C_T

' & Around the home and garden?' - May 24, 2019
Why would your dad sneak out of the nursing home? - 2 elderly men sneak...
By christinadanderson

Old fashioned Amish style Recipes, Photo and Ideas - Dec 17, 2018
Country photography of beautiful farms!
By MarianRose123

anti-garden & house witch - Mar 24, 2013
spring begins NOW, but not for some of us - just a hasty look at my back...
By Clarajolie

I Love the Out Doors! Dont you! - Oct 13, 2012
Out side the snow WAS falling - When I look out side I see some snow here...
By Katherine_Ann

From out in the garden - Apr 17, 2012
Planting time - Well it's spring here in the south so that means time to...
By TissiBlake

GRANDMA'S GARDEN - Jan 11, 2012
I have no garden but my mother's now and it's hers, so... - I shall not...
By benzinha

My flowers are in bloom ... what a splendid thing ...
By Dark_Dreamer

Cottage Beach House - May 24, 2011
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of my kitchen renovation - Because I have...
By CottageBeachHouse

Chinese Maple - Mar 21, 2010
Spring! - The equinox has hit the acacia. Brilliant turmeric piles on the...
By the-loanlady

Rose Hill Farm - Jan 7, 2010
A Sad Skinny Thoroughbred Named T.V. Gold: "In a Daze" Part 2 - It was...
By Farmer_Kay

Weirdness in the flowerbed - Aug 4, 2009
Fasciation - maybe tomorrow - This is no good, I thought I could show...
By Floramora

Living in Desperate Times - May 28, 2009
$2.50 A GALLON! I DON'T THINK SO! - It appears the oil speculators are at...
By Joe_Love

The Modern Hearth - Sep 8, 2008
Here we go again - I just found out that the knee surgury I had back in...
By mikes_goddess

Welcome to my life! - Jul 23, 2008
Dusting of some memories - Yesterday I was going through some dusty old...
By AnneDiNapoli

FRENCH LEAVE - May 20, 2008
A regular farmyard - Bonjour, cher Lecteur, When I lived in the Loire, and...
By shahdlou

shining mountains - Mar 19, 2008
beans talk stories - reading beans talk stories.
By Rosetree

It's a healing garden - Dec 9, 2007
A Seed Saving Day - I spent a goodly portion of my afternoon saving seeds...
By sarooster

Craftstress's ideas - Sep 15, 2007
Sit back and wait... - 25 covering letters and artist samples later.......
By Craftstress

INTERIOR DESIGN FOR IDIOTS, A Self-Help Guide - Mar 28, 2007
The Art of Fointiture Arrangement - THE ARTS OF FOINITURE ESTRANGEMENT AND...
By McCa

Inside and Out - Oct 19, 2005
Need a special dessert in a hurry? - Just try this easy but tasty...
By Original_Influence

Midi the Kitty's Garden - Jul 14, 2005
Kitties in the Garden - 9 - ... and lingers...... and lingers...... and...
By Midi

Green Building - May 13, 2005
Wooden Houses Green Future - These are the general notes on wooden house...
By slam

Our Old House - Mar 24, 2005
Matching Lamp and Lampshade. - I bought three lamps at Goodwill and none...
By Make2short

Cleaning and Organizing Your Life - May 31, 2004
Vital Documents to include in an Emergency - Ever since my sister shot...
By wannarideher

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