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Poetry is to Music as Lyric is to Soul - 15 hours ago
Love Knows No Boundary - Love Knows No Boundary It has been said that God...
By Shams-i-Heartsong

RP's Poetry Gypsy - 1 day ago
POEM - edit - ON CHRISTMAS ' To all things there is a season..., ' and so...
By RPresta

Annicita's Poetry, Short Stories & Thoughts - 1 day ago
I received good news from my son with me. He has almost everything...
By Annicita

Reflections In A Rainbarrel - 5 days ago
Route 66 - One more week Adds one more year To my aging Bones Should I...
By teddypoet52

watermelon stairwell - 5 days ago
Inches - Give me Six inches (Of snow... Minds out Of the gutter, Kiddies.)
By teddypoet52

Butter For Danse Themes - 5 days ago
Demons - Lunch Without hunger Sex Minus cashews
By teddypoet52

C.C. - Nov 1, 2018
Musing This is the time of day when I would like to roll in the hay...
By C_C_T

Haiku And Other Aperçus - Oct 29, 2018
Thanks To Pat_B

FLOetry - Oct 25, 2018
HE's not coming - There's no heroine in this fuckin hell I'm in- I cry to...
By Chillin_wit_Hil

d0lly!s poems - Oct 9, 2018
Words have a character sometimes they wear our moods and look at the...
By shamasehar

tales from the murky splurge - Oct 2, 2018
Prince of Calcutta - mohit You have been my teacher Elena, can’t you see,...
By spiderfly

fememefeme - Sep 5, 2018
The Tune - Is it not the sound my pen makes As it touches this paper...
By fememefeme

fememefeme - Sep 3, 2018
Mankind - Rainbows brilliantly remind us the storm is over And of course...
By fememefeme

BOOK PAGES 77-80 POSTED 9-03-18 - I LOVE ALL OF YOU Everything’s taking...

New Vision Through Poetry - Aug 24, 2018
A Senyru - in adversity opportunity to be better or bitter
By Celeste632

Rumi and Other Mystical Poets List - Aug 17, 2018
The Breeze at Dawn. - Rumi - The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you....
By Shams-i-Heartsong

Manawar - Jul 29, 2018
Reaping the Field Is Now, Then Gods Final Harvest Is Taken too His Barn - ...
By manawar

The colorful stages of grief and sorrow - May 25, 2018
Broken - You finally realized you were compeltely broken, figuratively and...
By DMac_32

Mae Neeci Poems - Apr 26, 2018
Haunting Dreams - I see you in my dreams everytime I close my eyes You...
By Maeneeci

The Old and The New ~ Memories and a Promise... - Apr 5, 2018
Bare Star's (Rightful) Soul - Universe born of dust from ashes burnt unto...
By Katray2

Black Light - Apr 3, 2018
Seasons are reversing...? - Today is clear azure skies, white fluff but...
By Katray2

Candy Box - Apr 3, 2018
An old fave; fits the day here perfectly! - *Cumulous High* Haiku Peaks...
By Katray2

Light-Hearted Therapy - Apr 3, 2018
Here Now - there we stood on the grass it’s form so huge, humongously cast...
By Owlish

Raywords - Mar 6, 2018
one new, one old - one new The mirrorerer When you sit alone, late at...
By Raysongs

Raysongs II - Mar 6, 2018
one new, one old - anything left of me I don't there is anything left, of...
By Raysongs

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