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Through The Grapevine - Jul 10, 2021
Stone Soul Perception ( a firelight window). - The stone soul perception...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 147

Play The Way You Feel It - Jul 8, 2021
Beyond The Love Lost In Space - Making honey in Honolulu, and the wave is...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 148

Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things - Jul 6, 2021
Choose Truth, Love, And Reality In The Rocks - I made the best for last....
Poetry - Popularity rank: 149

The Darkness of Love Through Prayer - Jun 16, 2021
Life is Like A Dream - I talk to her she talks to me Smiling and true as...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 151

3,000 Miles Over The Ocean - Aug 26, 2020
In The Distance Beyond The Call - As I call your name for one last time,...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 202


Coffee or Wine - Jul 2, 2020

by Poly_Art874 words, short story

Between the buttons. I am long suffering over this obsessive make believe relationship with a nerve, and to the point of an apology.. She is a neighbor, across town, or she is 3,000 miles away..

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It is confusing to us but we have fallen into a matter of what is an obsession. As I will realize that it was the first day in my life that I can use that coffee, or wine. The truth of that her personality was influenced by the coffee while we were waiting at the table. Ready to ride the bus there is a separation between us.