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my husband is my true love - Jan 27, 2017
Say a prayer on my home - One miracle from heaven is never take much time....
By Star5_

star4u - Jan 15, 2017
Please share this blog as many times as u can spread goodness of someone - ...
By Star5_

John's musings and rhymes - Dec 23, 2016
More - Hips rising Back arching Stretching Straining Ever upward Chasing...
By Johnny_Appleseed

If you could, I would....with out a fear! - Dec 12, 2016
our phone is wrking but - ME N MY HUSBAND PHONE WORKING but my nephew said...
By Star5_

Shobana - Dec 11, 2016
My Christmas Wish - X'mas tree 2015 I hope Santa hears this one out I want...
By shobana

How Bright That Star Must Have Been - This is the first Christmas song I...
By Riversidepoet

Dream on!!!! - Nov 28, 2016
Vish has good friends - vish got some good friends out there on the school...
By Star5_

Cymraeg's Poetry - Sep 15, 2016
The Doorway to the Understanding of Becoming Human - The Doorway to the...
By Cymraeg

Cymraeg's Poetry - Sep 15, 2016
The Years Keep Rolling Along - The Years Keep Rolling Along How fast the...
By Cymraeg

Alcindor Jenkins - Aug 28, 2016
Poor poem - Poor need help we all need help we all need food water in...
By Altouches

Cymraeg's Poetry - Aug 14, 2016
Looking Into the Heavens For the Light - What I'm looking for can't be...
By Cymraeg

saturdays!!!! - Aug 9, 2016
Money is not everything but I hv bills - So I wrk hard
By Star5_

Wenlo Inspirational Poems - Jul 19, 2016
Life - Who said life was easy it had its up and down, It brings us...
By Wenlo

"Daily Chronicle" - Jul 9, 2016
"Cure for anger" - The motives of a man gone mad are not chosen by the...
By TimChronicle

Brothafett - Jun 28, 2016
Think - Why wait to be famous? Just do it. Notoriety is not a goal, it's a...
By GregFred

Onynix - Jun 8, 2016
Mother's everywhere - Mother: You hold peace, trueth, and love sacred. You...
By onynix

The Human!!!!! - May 7, 2016
Using power people put you down but God lift you up - All things happened...
By Star5_

Who died and made you King? - Who died and made you King? Henceforth show...
By Made4you

Sunset Blvd - Apr 18, 2016
Dont know what to do - Dont know what to do it is more than that Dont know...
By Star5_

poetry, yay.....xciting poetry in ordinary writing - Apr 9, 2016
I don't feed to depression - On a daily basis so much happen but I don't...
By Star5_

Inspirational writings by Grandpa3 - Mar 26, 2016
Chances - I haven't been posting because I have been busy with my card...
By Grandpa3

BonBon333 - Mar 23, 2016
Dirt Rain - Ah dirt rain I can smell it in the street, it's so fresh and...
By BonBon333

Love & Life - Mar 22, 2016
Can you imagine having goals set from your college days, to graduate and...
By DoodyM90

_SUNNY'S POETRY_ - Mar 9, 2016
I NEED TO WRITE TO LIVE - Writing is my addiction I need to write to live
By Afzal_Sunny7

messages on paper - Mar 4, 2016
JUSTICE - Hit America, you've got your nerve Now we're angry and ready to...
By robsee

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