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I struggle2, find funny2 - Feb 1, 2019
I struggle with EVERYTHING - I have to go along with everything he tells...
Humor - Popularity rank: 312

My diagnosis: MDD, PTSD, ADD, SAD, BPD, & ... - Feb 1, 2019
overheard words - Things are overheard all the time. Taken out of context...
Journal - Popularity rank: 313

Do you know my "friend", Ellen? - Feb 1, 2019
Oh how I wish I could call you! - Well I haven't been able to talk to EM...
Humor - Popularity rank: 314

Free Spirit? Pay Here... - Feb 1, 2019
Almost i thought - I saw you in my reach Not as close as I...
Journal - Popularity rank: 315

How I grew up VS. Now? Even Now VS. 2000 WTH? - Jan 28, 2019
Anger for games? - The other players in the game went after...
Journal - Popularity rank: 316