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Life in the Treasure Valley! - May 9, 2017
Ol’ man Simon, planted a diamond. Grew hisself a garden the likes - of...
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Lists of Mind Blowing Facts!!!! - May 9, 2017
Top 10 Most Recognizable Brands... #3 - 3. Nike Can anyone forget the 1984...
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Mechanically Speaking... Automation Has Its Quirks, too!
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A Waterfront Cafe - Dec 8, 2009

by sam444836 words, poem

Beautiful poem of longing. This poem chronicles the thoughts of two admirers through a patron and omniscient voice. This poem is unique in that the characters will touch your life and you will discover that one of them is you..

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I am to be strong and bold and chivalrous?! My preference, a warm caress. I would like to know what makes her stand that way. I am to be weak and pretty and in distress! My preference, a warm caress. And I know this: I see strength; I hear psalms; he draws me nigh; Inside I stand so close to him; near the waterfront, near the sunset, near his heart, near his soul; just outside his touch. [ How to put that into words and show I care ]

White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman - Apr 1, 2009

by sam4441,380 words, poem

Native American legend. The story of Ptsean-Wi. The legend of the Pipe!.

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Five hundred years have passed this nation, the Itazipcho camped; [ within its own circle] guided by their Chief, Standing Hollow Horn; and while the sun shone the chief sent two young scouts two young scouts to hunt for game. With feet upon the earth they began their search — they looked everywhere but nothing could be found.

The Four Portals - Sep 25, 2008

by sam4441,179 words, poem

Poem on loss and discovery. The realization of loss and discovery in a relationship. The separation and the journey forward are highlighted. A poem from the Under A Tree poetry book.

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They listened but could not hear; and in the ruins, Ten thousand voices shouting, come quickly to the Terms of expression of the emotion sealed. And you and I have climbed to the top of the mountain Only to find the trail is not the same. And you and I have fallen into the depths of the quicksand Of time and remain helplessly stranded in the