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Did I Say That? - Aug 21, 2021
Trump Doubles Down! And for Biden, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. - ...
Everything Else - Popularity rank: 136

Picture This! - Aug 19, 2021
Biden wants to take your Guns...He Have a Massive Stockpile to the Taliban!
Humor - Popularity rank: 137

Keeping America Great 4 More Years! - Aug 19, 2021
If You Don't Know...Please Keep It Quiet!
News & Politics - Popularity rank: 138

It's Time To Get Your Head Out Of Your App! - Aug 19, 2021
Do You Get It Yet????
Opinion - Popularity rank: 139

If I get smart with will you know? - Aug 19, 2021
The Only Waitress in History who has Briught Nothing to the Table!
Opinion - Popularity rank: 140