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1. Life in the fast lane--where's the on ramp? - 21 hours ago
CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY Knitted of gray hair, hesitant steps and wrinkles,...
By Pat_B - Journal

2. RP's Theatre of the (Almost) Absurd - 1 day ago
Dragged Out to Sea - "It was dark and murky..." With the advent of...
By RPresta - Everything Else

3. If I get smart with will you know? - 15 hours ago
Honduran Mother is Poster Child for Asylum Fraudsters at Southern Border...
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

4. Kabu Speaks - 15 hours ago
expecting a visit from Wiley's darling step daughter. - yesterday evening...
By Kabu - Everything Else

5. TAPS' Take - 16 hours ago
Changes In Medical Procedures And Care - "God is great, God is good. Let...
By TAPS. - Journal

6. Did I Say That? - 15 hours ago
In America, We Take Children Away From Parents Making Bad Decisions ... - ...
By Corbin_Dallas - Everything Else

7. The Ciel Show - 7 hours ago
Dog Park Day! - Milo had his first trip to the dog park today. Charlie has...
By Ciel - Journal

8. Chiff .Chaff. - 16 hours ago
I hope the ladies will not mind. Girl I knew if I walked this way, we...
By C_C_T - Home & Garden

9. Picture This! - 23 hours ago
You Did Not Blame...
By Corbin_Dallas - Humor

10. Living In A Post-Common Sense America - 13 hours ago
A new UN Report Says That... - A new UN report says that Americans own 46%...
By Corbin_Dallas - News & Politics

11. It's Time To Get Your Head Out Of Your App! - 11 hours ago
Mexican Presidential Candidate Andrés Obrador Proclaims War Against the US?
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

12. The Car Wash Life - 16 hours ago
Rainy Day Policy - Dad's unofficial rainy day policy has different effects...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

13. HIPPY YEARBOOK - 14 hours ago
Is it alright to separate if two persons go to the same place together love
By BC-A - Fiction

14. Photos By Big V - 6 hours ago
Just For A 'Laugh' - A shot of Laughing Whitefish Falls in the Laughing...
By BigV - Arts & Photography

15. RP's Quick Pix - 1 day ago
*Nonna Lisa - There are lots of Nonna Lisas. Tons of 'em. I grew up seeing...
By RPresta - Everything Else

16. Big V Mumbles About Something - 21 hours ago
It's a Saturday, and since this cancer doesn't take a day off, neither...
By BigV - Everything Else

17. Manda's Musings - 19 hours ago
Good Morning! - Good morning. Please pray for people dealing with serious...
By Amanda__ - Opinion

18. jeansaw - 1 day ago
the race - they stood poised before the race their maps laid out before...
By overtherainbow - Everything Else

19. Something Worth Leaving Behind - 20 hours ago
The Way Of Truth
By Amanda__ - Religion & Spirituality

20. Quotes_&_Notes - 6 hours ago
What kind of world do you want to leave your great-grandchildren? What...
By BigV - Everything Else

21. d0lly!s poems - 2 days ago
Home - It's a home... no walls, no bricks, just on a tree, soo carefree:))...
By shamasehar - Poetry

22. dunthat - 1 day ago
This Week's Profound Statement. - My other half was furious She was...
By DunThat - Everything Else

23. Poetry Gypsy - 5 hours ago
Poem - WORD PLAY she said she's always done it that it's something she...
By RPresta - Poetry

24. Poetry is to Music as Lyric is to Soul - 1 hour ago
Don't you love it? Don't you love it? When those who are close begin to...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Poetry

25. The Bowl of Saki (for every one) - 1 hour ago
Sought by your purpose - He who with sincerity seeks his real purpose in...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - World

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