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Is Love Eternal? - Nov 6, 2010

by QuailNest1,728 words, article

Essay on Love and Death. Let's talk about Love, does it make the world go "round?.

Buy now $10.00


When friendship is founded on virtue lasting bonds are built that glue together relationships. Friendship is founded through trust and benevolence, generosity and sensitivity. Not all love is necessarily nice. St. Augustine compared Eros with the love of God. He pointed out that much of our dysfunction comes from expecting perfect eternal love form others, a void only God can fill. Augustine concluded that humans are finite and our notion of romantic love is disordered.

Dating With Bonzo - Oct 18, 2009

by QuailNest0 words, short story

just monkeying around. He's in de NIle.

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(Ten and a Half) an Essay - Oct 18, 2009

by QuailNest0 words, article

About Barnes' Novel. Barnes wrote "the History of the World in Ten and a Half Chapters". This essay takes an indepth look at his message..

Buy now $10.50


To My Children - Jan 3, 2009

by QuailNest86 words, poem

Loving Always. Loving is Family.

Buy now $5.00


From your conceptions, pregnancies and births, We welcomed you to our world

Passing By - Jan 3, 2009

by QuailNest92 words, poem

empty nest. time for flight.

Buy now $3.00


Is forgiveness given by the Wind?

Sweet Dream - Jan 3, 2009

by QuailNest63 words, poem

taste of honey. affirmations.

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Falcon's cry awakening this continuing dream...

Sheltered Cove - Jan 3, 2009

by QuailNest53 words, poem

realization-love. leave the past alone.

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You're back from your trip, It's time to disembark the ship

What is there to love about you? - Jan 3, 2009

by QuailNest95 words, poem

love sonnet. sweethearts unite.

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It is your spirit that captures me, Your wisdom, playfulness and sensitivity...

Do You Know who I Am? - Jan 3, 2009

by QuailNest21 words, poem

Sonnet to my soul mate.... realization of a destiny.

Buy now $3.00


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