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Moonwind - Aug 7, 2023
The Art of Painting - I started out drawing some pictures, however, my...
Arts & Photography - Popularity rank: 83

It's All About Choices - Sep 10, 2021
We all have the choice to decide for ourselves - America has given us many...
Opinion - Popularity rank: 135

It's not ALL about Covid - Aug 18, 2021
Yes, Covid is here, but it's temporary if we play it safe. - Have you...
Opinion - Popularity rank: 140

The Beautiful State of Maine - Oct 29, 2019
MAINE - I reside in Southern Maine and have lived in Maine most of my life....
Travel - Popularity rank: 257

Cleaned My House Today - Oct 22, 2019
Company Is on It's Way - Time To Clean! - We visited with some friends...
Nonfiction - Popularity rank: 259

Becoming the Minority - Oct 11, 2019
When YOU are the Minority - That's right. Think about all the times that...
Opinion - Popularity rank: 263

Blogging At My Best - Sep 15, 2019
Struggling with Blogging - It's raining outside as I sit in my chair...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 264

Walking The Loop - Sep 12, 2019
Walking The Loop - I wake up to the brisk cool air that flows in from...
Science & Nature - Popularity rank: 265

Mystical Wonders of Bonnie Eagle Pond, Part II - Sep 11, 2019
Mystical Wonders of Bonnie Eagle Pond, part II - Filled with awe after...
Science & Nature - Popularity rank: 266

Mystical Wonders of Bonnie Eagle Pond - Sep 10, 2019
Mystical Wonders of Bonnie Eagle Pond - It's been a long day of stress and...
Science & Nature - Popularity rank: 267

Right-Of-Way Becomes A Pain-A-Way - Sep 9, 2019
Right Of Way To The Lake/Pond - To anyone who has experienced the...
Nonfiction - Popularity rank: 269

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