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Sincerity's Spirituality Blog - Nov 2, 2021
The Gift Of Having the Ability To SEE - When you have the gift of seeing...
By _Sincerity_Anna_ - Religion & Spirituality

Bill's Pigeon Event Plaza - Oct 28, 2021
By BC-A - Fiction

Bill's Parker - Oct 27, 2021
Please pray - Need birth certificate Social Security Card Therapy to walk...
By BC-A - Fiction

Hippy Yearbook - Oct 26, 2021
THE TUESDAY AFTERNOON POST A) 🎵Ⓜ️ u s i c a n a 🍁 F A L L S O N G 🍂...
By BC-A - Fiction

It's All About Choices - Sep 10, 2021
We all have the choice to decide for ourselves - America has given us many...
By Moonwind - Opinion

Did I Say That? - Aug 21, 2021
Trump Doubles Down! And for Biden, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. - ...
By Corbin_Dallas - Everything Else

Picture This! - Aug 19, 2021
Biden wants to take your Guns...He Have a Massive Stockpile to the Taliban!
By Corbin_Dallas - Humor

Keeping America Great 4 More Years! - Aug 19, 2021
If You Don't Know...Please Keep It Quiet!
By Corbin_Dallas - News & Politics

It's Time To Get Your Head Out Of Your App! - Aug 19, 2021
Do You Get It Yet????
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

If I get smart with will you know? - Aug 19, 2021
The Only Waitress in History who has Briught Nothing to the Table!
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

It's not ALL about Covid - Aug 18, 2021
Yes, Covid is here, but it's temporary if we play it safe. - Have you...
By Moonwind - Opinion

Raywords - Aug 12, 2021
Listen young lady - new vision through old eyes Trying to import wisdom To...
By Raysongs - Poetry

Raysongs II - Aug 12, 2021
can u imagine my old ass trying to do this on a phone..well hello...
By Raysongs - Poetry

skye08 Living with Alzhiemer's - Aug 6, 2021
I Can Go By Myself - C had a doctors appointment yesterday. We went...
By skye08 - Journal

is it more than just sex? - Aug 1, 2021
i fuckin love you - I fuckin love you. i am in love with you and wanna...
By crazy_mess1987 - Journal

Kids - Jul 14, 2021
Where does the energy come from? - I'm just listening to my 3 having a...
By Danielle_Stoneheart - Family & Parenting

Safety is Everything - Jul 13, 2021
College is just next door! - Seriously, just a few weeks and the colleges...
By Danielle_Stoneheart - Family & Parenting

Through The Grapevine - Jul 10, 2021
Stone Soul Perception ( a firelight window). - The stone soul perception...
By Poly_Art - Poetry

Play The Way You Feel It - Jul 8, 2021
Beyond The Love Lost In Space - Making honey in Honolulu, and the wave is...
By Poly_Art - Poetry

Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things - Jul 6, 2021
Choose Truth, Love, And Reality In The Rocks - I made the best for last....
By Poly_Art - Poetry

Words and Such - Jun 21, 2021
Street Songs Someone asked me yesterday why my poems are harsh and dark...
By LadyuvWords - Poetry

The Darkness of Love Through Prayer - Jun 16, 2021
Life is Like A Dream - I talk to her she talks to me Smiling and true as...
By Poly_Art - Poetry

Every Little Thought Random or Not - May 29, 2021
I'll be Starting My Treatment - Hi, everyone. Hope that you're all...
By GypsyButterflyCA - Everything Else

Little tales - May 24, 2021
Sheila’s Big Surprise - Sheila’s Big Surprise Sara loved Sheila with all...
By julynn - Fiction

Every Mind of Kasper Hoe - May 23, 2021
Deleted story pieces but... - Hi, dear fellow "citizens" of BlogitVille,...
By kasperhoe - Everything Else

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