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February 6, 2016
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Roller coaster called life - 17 days ago
A very special day indeed - First of all, I want to thank all those who...
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Kids - 10 hours ago
Mother's Day too soon thinking? - While everyone is thinking about...
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Safety is Everything - 20 days ago
What are your holiday plans? - The holidays are here, almost seems as if...
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Jello Delight - 20 days ago

by Danielle_Stoneheart68 words, recipe

Sweet delicacy. Just the right combo of texture and sweetness. Great dish for potlucks.

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Where I'm from, potluck dinners are first nature. Everyone brings something to the table. As I have brought this wonderful dessert to my potluck dinners at work, it's quick and easy as well as a beloved favorite in the midwest.

Nameless - Jun 11, 2017

by Danielle_Stoneheart1,106 words, poem

Shadows of life. Everyone wants to belong somewhere.. A wanderer, finding alien beings, failed communication and a heartbreaking realization..

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I walked through the forest of despair on my way to mirror lake. The trees moaned and cried while the wind sang hollowed songs of aches. Here occupied the nameless ones. No ears to hear, no eyes to see, nor noses to smell or mouths to speak. I met one, wandering through a very transparent existence, even their very being was simply a hollow shell. It wasn't a man, not a woman. Just a... being, without hair or anything to distinguish from the others. I tried to take their hand, only to be shook..

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