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Rescuing Beanie Saving me - Jun 15, 2023
O k yeah, Beanie is in the house and patiently inquietly sitting below...
By Inside_The_Purple_Purse

Squeaky & Abi: My Life With Two Crazy Cats - Oct 20, 2020
My Babies Are Gone - Squeaky passed about a year ago. Abi passed a few...
By Jemmie211

For the Love of Words by the Old Lady - Oct 18, 2018
Thanksgiving - Grab a golden pumpkin or two and bake a yummy pumpkin pie...
By OldWriter73

my funny dogs - Jul 24, 2018
the house fire... - well hey guys its turtle9935, again, the day before...
By turtle9935

Tae's Poetry - Jul 12, 2017
Love For a Pet - For losing a pet is hard to endure, Many of you know the...
By taetae1

Fuzzybear. - Jan 18, 2017
Things that go bump in the night. - Since I was a little girl I always...
By Fuzzybear56

Notes from a Dog Groomer - Dec 31, 2013
New Year's reminder - Please remember to keep your pets taken care of for...
By Wigopa_

Cat`s Corner (Copyright 2011 sheri palmer) - Sep 5, 2013
"Bright Eyes" 1 (Copyright Sept.2013 Sheri Palmer) - Cats cats and more...
By sherilynn3

Horsey Trails (Copyright 2012 Sheri Palmer) - Aug 5, 2013
"A Horse Named Bill" (Copyright August 2013 Sheri Palmer) - Named "Bill"...
By sherilynn3

Doggy Tales (Copyright 2011 sheri palmer) - Aug 5, 2013
"Lady Love" 3 The End (Copyright July 2013 Sheri Palmer) - After a month...
By sherilynn3

The Animals To Whom I belong - Feb 12, 2013
Gota love them - To live in a house full of animals like I do you really...
By ravenmarie

GRANDMA'S ANIMALS - Jan 11, 2012
My doggies and I say adeus and happy trails - Stay strong, don't abandon...
By benzinha

Animal mayhem. - Jan 2, 2012
The Situation. - So the situation is I have six animals living in my house,...
By catscout

pets care - Jan 4, 2011
how to train your dog - my wife and i raise and train hunting dogs.we...
By dladla

pets care - Jan 4, 2011
boxer dog care tips every owner must know - there are many differnt types...
By dladla

Cat Lady in the Attic - Jan 3, 2011
New Year's Resolutions - For the first post of 2011, I must list my New...
By CatLadyintheAttic

Annemarie's Short Stories - Sep 11, 2010
Thoughts about the question: 'Who am I' - WHO AM I? During a TV Interview...
By Muttern

mizzielarue's journal - Jul 8, 2010
Have you ever lost a best friend, one you know you'll not see again. The...
By mizzielarue

Our Lhasa Apsos Alli Bongo Gracie - May 30, 2010
(No subject)
By pkgracie

Murphy's Corner - Apr 24, 2010
Bees On My Window - Bees fascinate me. They fly around and make a funny...
By frndlyghost

Sugar Brook Farm - Feb 23, 2010
... - Jazz Mataze My new baby~ Love ANROHA25

Nic and Julie's page - Jan 14, 2010
Nic and Julie had a walk today with Mommie - Mommie is so happy...
By momma_mia

Caring for my Deaf and Blind Cocapoo - Jan 11, 2010
How I Care for my Daughter's Blind Cocapoo - Our family dog is name...
By fetishme12

Spitfire's Real Animal Stories - Nov 3, 2009
Is Your Dog Lonely for Love? Is He Homely & Can’t Find a Canine Date? - ...
By SpitFire70

Ri's Reality - May 28, 2009
I am back - sorry for my absence.... I graduated!!!!! that last month was...
By riri0322

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