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sherilynn3 (Copyright 2011 sheri palmer) - Jul 29, 2013
"Smiling Faces" Nonfiction (Copyright 2011 Sheri Palmer) - ....the day...
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Because of Her (Copyright June 2013 Sheri Palmer) - Jul 27, 2013

by sherilynn31,627 words, short story

Inspirational. No matter what the disability it can become your greatest asset. Beth grew up unknowingly with severe dyslexia but because of an extremely wise Grand Mother; she overcomes successfully.

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Beth was so happy to see her Grand Parents as they entered the Principals office where she had been escorted after giving her fellow classmate a black eye. Every afternoon the kindergarten class of thirty-five four and five year olds had to pick a cot and nap an hour. Beth wanted the last olive green cot but so did Jeff and Beth was determined not to settle for the dark blue cot; the "Hay-Maker" she gave Jeff resulted in a trip to the Principals office. This had the opposite effect on her since.

Smiling Faces (Copyright Nov.2011 Sheri Palmer) - Nov 12, 2011

by sherilynn32,064 words, short story

Ellie`s hardened heart. becomes ice cold and murderous as years went by. People and pets dying with one common denominator in their lives....Ellie!.

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After dinner during a snowmobile ride, Ellie's Brother-in-Law fell over dead as he gave his oldest daughter of ten a ride. He was a healthy man of thirty-four years old. Jealous of her older sister Barb; aggravated by the good life Jack was providing his family; Ellie's comment after the funeral with pure glee in her voice was, "she won't be so uppity now!"

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