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1. Kabu Speaks - 2 hours ago
Too many people coming through here today... - It is nice to see people...
By Kabu - Everything Else

2. TAPS' Take - 7 hours ago
Please Don't Bring Me An Avozilla - "Can I get you anything at the store...
By TAPS. - Journal

3. RP's Theatre of the (Almost) Absurd - 17 hours ago
"There's Bessie!" - "They Did What to Her? No way..." As children we...
By RPresta - Everything Else

4. jeansaw - 1 hour ago
everything is not ok, - but it will be in the end. jean
By overtherainbow - Everything Else

5. Chiff .Chaff. - 4 hours ago
I know this seems like it is a dying planet Nice folk leave and we feel...
By C_C_T - Home & Garden

6. Did I Say That? - 7 hours ago
Family Gathering of This Century's "Deep State"! - The Scourge of America!
By Corbin_Dallas - Everything Else

7. dunthat - 6 hours ago
What is Fake News & Russian Language Lessons? - “Gran, what is fake news?”...
By DunThat - Everything Else

8. If I get smart with will you know? - 6 hours ago
‘Murica: The “Rule-Of-Law-Optional” Nation... - So, former FBI lawyer Lisa...
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

9. DEAR DIARY & SONG OF THE DAY - 8 hours ago
Working A Split Shift telemarketing Today: Song: Help The Beatles - Today...
By MOEC - Religion & Spirituality

10. Life in the fast lane--where's the on ramp? - 8 hours ago
WHO’S THE TEACHER? - Lately with the group at The Center I get to share...
By Pat_B - Journal

11. It's Time To Get Your Head Out Of Your App! - 11 hours ago
Government Helping Out???
By Corbin_Dallas - Opinion

12. Adventuring: A Travelblogue with Photos - 23 hours ago
Sunsets remembered... - The sun is always setting somewhere......
By Ciel - Travel

13. Something Worth Leaving Behind - 3 hours ago
The Gospel
By Amanda__ - Religion & Spirituality

14. HIPPY YEARBOOK - 5 hours ago
Would you go further than one in charge’s order if a smoker endangered othe
By BC-A - Fiction

15. Picture This! - 11 hours ago
Waiting On Daddy To Get Home From Work...
By Corbin_Dallas - Humor

16. RP's Quick Pix - 13 hours ago
Wolves - Which Will Win? Here's the narrative of what it says, since it's...
By RPresta - Everything Else

17. Why? - 15 hours ago
President Trump Gave the Only Answer? - Was this a set-up? Who in their...
By Glennb - Opinion

18. C.C. - 1 day ago
Abrasive. She is a corrugated kind of person. Two lights shine from her...
By C_C_T - Science Fiction & Fantasy

19. The Car Wash Life - 4 hours ago
Did the Order Come? - Many of us at the car washes do ordering. Dad,...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

20. Living In A Post-Common Sense America - 11 hours ago
We Got To See How She Performed Under Pressure... - A new poll shows that...
By Corbin_Dallas - News & Politics

21. d0lly!s poems - 1 day ago
A book on my shelf gathers dust it looks at me, I look back some known...
By shamasehar - Poetry

22. Shorties - 2 hours ago
I'm taking a poll. I do hope all of you who have read Saviors will...
By Annicita - Fiction

23. Bill's Coffee Roost - 4 hours ago
What mood determines what’s for breakfast and if you have it loves? - In...
By BC-A - Fiction

Ulterior Motives For Church Attendance - Henry, are you going to go to...
By MOEC - Fiction

25. The Bowl of Saki (for every one) - 11 hours ago
Removing our own thorns - We should be careful to take away from ourselves...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - World

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