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Observations, Queries, or Who Really Gives A Darns - Mar 31, 2010
The Gerbil Wheel - Sometimes I feel just like a gerbil running around and...
By howie3

Dutchys view - Mar 29, 2010
Heavy Rain returns to northeast - Well, It didn't take too long for rain...
By Dutchys_Dad

Life without my family - Mar 24, 2010
Save your self! - Here, I believe it depends on the person. The work, or...
By mylifeofpain

Apropos of Nothing - Mar 11, 2010
...note to self - The totality of all the minds that went into the epic...
By mysteria

LaLa Land - Mar 7, 2010
'Florence Nightingale' - A little more tactful, a little more...
By amiss

Sex & Violence Sells - Feb 12, 2010
Paying the price - Just a few words to say notapoet is still alive and...
By notapoet

Thoughts - Feb 4, 2010
Dysfunctional Road Trip - So how about this for weird. I'm currently in a...
By Hopeful2010

Kennel Up - Jan 27, 2010
Stuff I saw on TV #2 - People on the news are pissed about the superbowl...
By KennelUp

Sarah's Sayings and Such - Jan 26, 2010
obstacles versus opportunities - All throughout life we will all suffer...
By HisAngel1981

Elinjo's World - Jan 20, 2010
Taking stock of my situation. - "The time has come," the Walrus said, "To...
By elinjo

An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Life - Jan 18, 2010
This evening - This evening
By Paris2010

ANY TAKERS - A 21-year old engineering student has developed a device with...
By hardilaziz

True Confessions of a Fag Hag - Dec 28, 2009
The difference between "Fancy Living" and Living Beyond Your Means - Over...
By westerwind

GLOBAL WARNING! - Global Warming: The gradual warming of the earths...
By willprt

The Blue Room - Dec 6, 2009
My Muses - My muses pop and saunter They attract like neon lights Their...
By blu3dog

Words of Pets and Fantasy - Nov 15, 2009
Is he dead?--- Pikachu - "They sleep like the dead" do you know anyone...
By dinoluna

In a new avataar - Nov 15, 2009
SOUND OF MUSIC - The music of its trot, canter and gallop has spurred...
By hardilaziz

THE MAZE - Nov 10, 2009
The Middle State - The option of choices, that I had to make Made me fall...
By 123RAIN

3,000 Famous Last Words! - Oct 31, 2009
Quote of the Day... - "...I'm not sure we'd be here without A-Rod. He'll...
By kingmi

My attempt at being Witty - Oct 27, 2009
Survival vs. Satisfaction - In our economics class today, the professor...
By Aspire2Inspire

Speaking my mind... - Oct 4, 2009
Hitting the curveballs.. - I was all ready to do redecorate my apartment....
By bitchbrew9

My Opinion - Sep 23, 2009
How to avoid speed trap in Malaysia - How to avoid speed trap – Malaysia’s...
By dodyhakeemi

Bending Comprehension - Aug 28, 2009
Ground Hogs, Landlords, and Rain - Oh My! - The land lord FINALLY showed...
By Inblue

Interesting or Informative Web Sites - Aug 15, 2009
Bookworms of the World Unite - Bookwormsof the World Unite! I stumbled onto...
By archiew

Spitfire's Paranormal & Metaphysical Pages - Aug 5, 2009
Wanna Know What Your Major Life Lesson is for This Life? I’ll Tell You! - ...
By SpitFire70

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