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Personal Poetry - Sep 12, 2013
4-4-2, 14, 32 Remember that number! - No, it is not Jenny's number. It is...
By cpklapper

Short poems - Sep 9, 2013
Contemplative Heron Staring down her rapier beak the heron stabs the...

Amber Flights - Jul 25, 2013
Swallows - Swallows Swallows flying and zooming past in all directions...
By mariss9

Just me - Jun 21, 2013
"nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard" -coldplay
By artificial_sweetener

ladon's poetry - Jun 7, 2013
water's spring - nothing is an oven, it is done all for loving. because of...
By ladon

Naked Pictures Of Voices In My Head, Again! - May 5, 2013
Anything Can Happen... - A Moment Sitting in a basement, musky Moisture...
By CRShelley

Your love doesn't mean a thing - Feb 28, 2013
Jekyll & Hyde - Who are you tonight my love? Will you rant at me Or sing...
By Collene

Fun poetry. - Feb 28, 2013
Mum - Your there for me through everything From birth to adulthood Through...
By Collene

New Poetry - Jan 14, 2013
Days - The strands of life pour into a life – It’s beauty and grace Seen...
By Buksboy

IsaiahRamesses - Jan 8, 2013
The Boy, the Man, and the Lord/ "Loved him so" - The boy, the man, and the...
By RamfamilyWritings

hopefull73 Inside and out - Jan 5, 2013
poem - UNKNOWN Sufficating lonliness, Bitter cold, Mindless wondering,...
By hopefull73

From A Deeper Bleu - Nov 30, 2012
No Detour - it's like moving down a highway suddenly someone takes away...
By Reflecting_teddypoet

Poetry by Controversyme - Nov 30, 2012
Suddenly Gone - Okay, one more meloncholy poem and then i'm back to the...
By RamfamilyWritings

Piano Dagger Whispers - Nov 29, 2012
The Constant - I watched the moon last night the way I watch for you
By Reflecting_teddypoet

Tiles And Dust - Nov 27, 2012
Headlines - a pair of scissors ancient script a pile of dust once...
By Reflecting_teddypoet

Taking A Pitchfork To The Mind - Nov 27, 2012
Soupstar - on again off into the great beyond
By Reflecting_teddypoet

So There. - Nov 18, 2012
203 - There are times I want to pretend I can handle this. When he smiles...
By Darson

aceblade's works - Nov 12, 2012
inside - the pull of my mind is catastrophic, images it creates,...
By aceblade

Janey's Reflections on Life - Oct 26, 2012
The Art of Grace - State of Grace Calling out His name, in passionate...
By janey_

A CRYING ORPHAN - Oct 14, 2012
A StRaNgE StAtE - Darkest nights alter to colored lights,. Bodies yet lose...
By drohan254

Mama Seeley's Poetry - Aug 28, 2012
Spring Ahead, Fall Behind - Spring Ahead, Fall Behind! (Ah! To the Wonders...

From Ricardo - Aug 25, 2012
Remembering Rosie - "The first time ever I saw your face..." the song...
By steamfly

Rêves au Réveil - Aug 10, 2012
Oyster - I dive deep within the inky depths of night sky and know no...
By myrrhage_

GiGi777 Life as it is - Jul 22, 2012
Not Forgotten - ( NOT FORGOTTEN ) No sorry will not cannot refuse to...
By GiGi777

Poetry by Rene - Jul 22, 2012
21st Century Couple - A slick waiter glides between the booths His hair's...
By Nemi

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