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Elaney's Poetry - Dec 22, 2011
The Worth of a Friend - My Only Friend My only friend got hurt today, and...
By Elaney

Jude1298 - Dec 1, 2011
"The Music Man" - Hello to everyone and Happy Holidays! Christmas is one...
By Jude1298

Un Inhibited Thoughts and Dreams - Nov 29, 2011
My Tomorrows - I would have given you my tomorrows to ease your pains of...
By FrankieCampogan

Simplicity Haiku - Oct 28, 2011
Debussy - So lost in Debussy Clair de lune's delicacy and haunting beauty
By KRBrandli

My writings: By Tom - Oct 15, 2011
Those eyes... beautiful and breath-taking - In those eyes Those beautiful...
By tommcge

Poetic Moments - Oct 2, 2011
last of the fallen - Hallowed halls brisk with the taint through ages...
By xBeastyx

Poetry by the Budguy - Aug 29, 2011
Hope Can be Right in Front of You - The Seven Colored Bridge Coming to,...
By Budguy

All about Haiku and Senryu - Aug 20, 2011
You never know what you might see on a daily 100 mile drive... - ...across...
By Celeste632

Melissa vs August - Aug 17, 2011
August - August There's been a Shift. A tilting of the planet. Faulkner...
By summersby

Jeremy's Poems - Aug 7, 2011
Breaking Paths - Breaking Paths© Once again people act so insanely They...
By JDM1991

Deep Poetry - Aug 2, 2011
Rare at All - Rare Than a Four leaf Clover. Fresh Than the Morning air....
By friskyinsane

Own! Your grown woman - Jul 11, 2011
I was just thinking!1 - I need a ring on the left hand Can you believe...
By supermom6

rain or shine,i want to smile. - Jul 9, 2011
those were the days. - those days were bitter air was dry sky was gray and...
By ain_natasha

Canvas of life - Jul 7, 2011
Just a little thanks - I was doing some thinging about the people we...
By MonishaJador

Cyber Beatnick's Poetry Blog - Jul 7, 2011
Leaving Blogit for real - As a result of being very busy with other...
By wiserabbit

Georgias poems - Jun 18, 2011
Could i love more? - Normal 0 false false false EL X-NONE X-NONE /* Style...
By antgeo11

GiftsOfLove - Jun 16, 2011
Her - Don't know what I did to deserve this: Don't know what it would feel...
By uniquelyequipt

"Life as a Brikhaus" - Jun 9, 2011
"Bon Bon" - Bon… Good Oui. Si. Yes. Oh my! Bon Bon… You have got Something...
By Brikhaus

Margaret's inspired poetry - Jun 7, 2011
By GrannyMags65

chapters - Jun 6, 2011
BUNNY BOILER - Why don’t you just go away Nobody likes you You rub people...
By motox

MARIE'S POEMS - Jun 2, 2011
UNIVERSITY OF LIFE - I have the required knowledge to be all that I can be...

Brother - May 19, 2011
DOLDRUM - i am here to drink beer i want to kill war i laugh at the odds...
By serenitas_X

The pain from my past - May 17, 2011
Mother I followed your wrist prints - Mom, I love you! I love your smile;...
By jdiamond0083

Impact"s Opinions - May 12, 2011
"The Road" - It's just me, And The Road, Winding turning, A rolller...
By TheKingofCharisma

Jana's Poems - May 11, 2011
"My Life A Dream" - My Life A Dream I've dreamed alot of things in my time...
By JanaC1385levi

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