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MARIE'S POEMS - Jun 2, 2011
UNIVERSITY OF LIFE - I have the required knowledge to be all that I can be...

Brother - May 19, 2011
DOLDRUM - i am here to drink beer i want to kill war i laugh at the odds...
By serenitas_X

The pain from my past - May 17, 2011
Mother I followed your wrist prints - Mom, I love you! I love your smile;...
By jdiamond0083

Impact"s Opinions - May 12, 2011
"The Road" - It's just me, And The Road, Winding turning, A rolller...
By TheKingofCharisma

Jana's Poems - May 11, 2011
"My Life A Dream" - My Life A Dream I've dreamed alot of things in my time...
By JanaC1385levi

Gerontian's Travels - May 7, 2011
Gratitude...and a new poem - I really want to thank each of you have...
By Gerontian

Crosspower - May 3, 2011
Blood Stained Tower - Seed of pine tower, fell to earth Covered by times...
By crosspower

A favour... - May I ask a favour before I leave my friends, that is the...
By psychicwarrior

Shall I compare the to a Winters night. - Mar 28, 2011
Life. Stale bread pisons my soul, The voices yell, fighting with each...
By Hexus12

lie to me - Mar 25, 2011
Barriers - Sometimes you like the quiet. It's that time where you can...
By linxixo

Dream Out Loud - Mar 24, 2011
Dream Out Loud - As dandelions drift by I dream out loud abd wonder why...
By Katieskisses

In a Lover's Eyes - Mar 23, 2011
In A Lover's Eyes - In that of the eyes Comes a deep love Known to no...
By Katieskisses

A Writer's Fate - Mar 23, 2011
A Writer's Fate - The impressionists sit and wait While the writers...
By Katieskisses

River of Lyrical Symphonies - Mar 3, 2011
Let Happiness Be The Reason - Let Happiness Be the Reason that I decide to...
By Velvet_Blue

Dark Poetry - Feb 26, 2011
YOUR GREATEST FAN - Standing in a smokey bar somewhere in Tennesee, your...
By achatter

expressions of thought - Feb 23, 2011
time to shine - I hike the mountain of plentiful trees, they seem to follow...
By eburns111

A Perfect 7 - Feb 21, 2011
A Perfect 7 - - You rise and He shines as He watches over you, see the...
By LadyTexas

julie.kristine poetry - Feb 20, 2011
Indie Rocker vs. The Foodie - I'm still reading "Omnivores Dilemma" and in...
By julie_kristine

Pierce's poetry - Feb 17, 2011
Misfit - MISFIT So you think you are a mis fi t You don’t fi t in You are...

Pierce daily devotional - Feb 17, 2011
Just Be You - JUST BE YOU You are unique There is no one like you Who can...

Testing The Waters Of Love - Jan 25, 2011
I'm In Love - I’m In Love How can you go through life and never love, and...
By lolitastokes

Mystereo's Poems - Jan 24, 2011
"WAITING" - “WAITING” Knowing you for a while it seems like many of years....
By Mystereo

Looking for the Past - Jan 18, 2011
Build-up - A million dead cotton mice scattered over slippery floors where...
By chris2303

Cosy's Poems - Jan 6, 2011
Insatiable desire to blend in dance Somewhere between the moon and...
By cosy

ridentity thoughts - Jan 5, 2011
20011 Are You ready? - What Does it hold? 2011 here we go! Buckle up all...
By ridentity

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