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No B.S. here... - Oct 16, 2008
Wake up, people - Where does your money come from? Do you work for a...
By Sheherazade

Thought for the day - Oct 14, 2008
October 14, 2008 - In the United States, anybody can be president. That's...
By NewYorker_in_Sicily

The Top-Right Corner! - Oct 14, 2008
A Father's Last Words... - Tonight I bathe in sulphuric acid In Hell will...
By laxman_v

flowers & barbed wire - Oct 5, 2008
curtain call - after some deliberation, i have decided that blogit is not...
By mightyjo

the way life used to be - Sep 28, 2008
where did everyone go? - i once came to blogit, not just to write, but to...
By daisysface

Pondering Thoughts - Sep 28, 2008
i dont understand - it was 7 years ago, when i first moved into Burbank.....
By daisysface

Musings and Mayhem - Sep 23, 2008
"Getting to Know You" - Thanks to the folks who have made me feel welcome...
By Pollygirl

The Bunny Blog - Sep 22, 2008
A scary thing that occurred to me while listening to Sarah Palin
By Bunny

JenM On And In The Everything Else And Anything - Sep 10, 2008
For those of you who suffer from any chronic illness or ailment read this!
By JenM

The Goddess' Blog of Wisdom, Wit and Bull***t - Sep 8, 2008
That little blue pill - an update - "And the rockets red glare, the bombs...
By mikes_goddess

Thoughts from the heart. - Sep 1, 2008
What is really real? - What is reality? Your reality is not my reality. My...
By elethia

Diva's Diatribes - Sep 1, 2008
Ciao! Ciao! - I am off tomorrow to spend a few weeks in Italy! To say I'm...
By DivineDiva

Psychoceramic - Aug 29, 2008
Saracuda - Before the pundits start... I am a little afraid of this one....
By EmmaCunnan

A Cup of Coffee - Aug 4, 2008
Coffee Top Model - Copyright © 2008 Lyknliken. All rights reserved.
By lyknliken

I begin singing my own songs - Aug 3, 2008
Sun Heat and Fidgety Feeling - Today the sun is burning the earth very...
By lyknliken

A day in the mind of Louise - Jul 31, 2008
My kids - Yes I realise that you purists would say 'do you have baby...
By Louise_Lynch

I'M GLAD TO BE ALIVE - Jul 30, 2008
By Feenix

Half-baked Alaska - Jul 29, 2008
Moosetard FAQ's - Bet you never thought Alaska would be a producer of...
By musicbean

Word Association - Jul 22, 2008
By realitytherapy

Caine's Compendium of Misinformation - Jul 22, 2008
Ode to a Ceaseless Nerd - Billy Dorkman was a nerd. At least that’s what...
By JBCaine

Honeybee's Journey - Jul 16, 2008
Poem - Untitled by Melissa Salvatore What will happen to the words? Soft...
By honeybee35

MaliDee - Jul 15, 2008
I Love Soaps - I love soap operas. I make no apologies for this. Some...
By MaliDee

Tylen's World - Jul 14, 2008
Friends!... - "A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand...and...
By tyleness

held to ransom by teen aged kids - Jul 14, 2008
daughter's - The sign of growing up when your 14 year old asks for your...
By monkies_uncle

All about Ima Dumbas - Jul 10, 2008
About "Ima Dumbas" - “Ima Dumbas” wants a friend, but she can not be one;...
By CommonFolk

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