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HORUS' INSIGHTS - Feb 12, 2012
One and Only God - It is unbelievable how deep-rooted is in the average...
By Luxbring

Sams' Two Cents - Feb 9, 2012
Would You Quit Your Job to Follow Your Dreams? - Would you quit your job...
By sammylemuel

Tip of the Day - Jan 26, 2012
January 26th - Today you should go about your day with a quote by William...
By Kellyann

Thomas's Opinions - Nov 15, 2011
Wall Street Protesters - I saw on the BBC today how the occupiers on Wall...
By thomaspunch

Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly - Aug 8, 2011
create your own world. - never allow someone to make you apologize or feel...
By ireneyk

Personal reflections - Jul 9, 2011
Just al ittle perspective on love - I was thinking of the languages of...
By MonishaJador

DEPRESSION - The night shift crew often watch movies between three and...
By Dark_Dreamer

Everyone is entitled to my opinion! - Jul 7, 2011
leaving dear Blogit for real - As a result of being very busy with other...
By wiserabbit

Said's thoughts - Jun 11, 2011
Religion - When Said and I first met, we argued about well you guessed it...
By MonishaJador

Uncommon Sense - May 21, 2011
Book Links. Similar to cuff-links. But not. - If you'd like to read the...
By Darson

Philosophology - Apr 22, 2011
Welcome to this World - Born. Male or Female, we are born of flesh and in...
By freerain

Minda's Blog - Mar 10, 2011
POLE: FEEDBACK NEEDED - I have nine chapters of a book, would you pay to...
By minda42

Doctor Who and the mystery of River Song - Mar 10, 2011
River Song 2. Sorry it took so long but here's what I think now. I no...
By Hexus12

Running after cheese and pickles - Dec 10, 2010
I think Facebook is taking over the world - I was reading something online...
By jwdesha

21st century madness - Nov 30, 2010
Aliens that used to be humans - There are creatures running around that...
By buccella1

Reasons to be cheerful 1-2-3 - Oct 31, 2010
Optimism - Optimism Writing a blog puts a few things in perspective. The...
By SJLBryan

The Age of Aquarius - Oct 22, 2010
The Handwriting on the Wall - With all the personal problems we have we...
By Jodysmith

Across the Board - Everything on Life and Love - Oct 17, 2010
The Kisses You Remember - When was the last time you thought about your...
By LoneLily

Spitfire's Politically Incorrect - Aug 20, 2010
Have You Ever Heard of “Women Gone Wild?” Of Course Not. - It’s always...
By SpitFire70

Vanna's Opinion Chest - Aug 5, 2010
Sometimes' - Sometimes I wish I were a million miles away just so I'd have...
By Gomer

United States Economic Crisis - Aug 4, 2010
Will this stock market rally continue? - The markets have been enjoying a...
By theapproachingwinter

The lies in stereotypes - Aug 2, 2010
Stereotypes. - I don't get why just because 1 person who's a certain way...
By Hexus12

Pretty_Solipsist and her Nothings. - Aug 1, 2010
On wanting a simple life, living with "nature". - I signed up for this...
By Pretty_Solipsist

The rights of Animals - Jul 31, 2010
Animals rights. - I have been told all my life that it is nature to eat...
By Hexus12

Ashanti's Thoughts - Jul 22, 2010
questioning God - "Her legs and arms spread apart and her head covered with...
By shando

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