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Captain Obvious: Crusading Ex-Drunk & Superhero - Jul 26, 2005
"Just Us" Or Mercy: The Obvious Choice - Alot of people in the 1960's...
By Volaar

It's My Write! - Jul 22, 2005
PARENTAL ATTACHMENT - Children, no matter how old they get, never lose...
By word.smith

Mental Fences - Jul 14, 2005
Sitting on the Fence, or Just Plain Hanging on for Dear Life! - Ahhh,...
By DancesWithWords

Reality as I see it ... I need glasses - May 31, 2005
Lessons learned on a trip through miscarriage - I was recently treated to...
By IsSanityNear

Opinion Tales: Crisis in America - Mar 12, 2005
Unknown Crisis in America - You may or may not have an opinion about...
By whimsystoryteller

Opinions: Summer Dreams Of An Autumn Breeze - Sep 13, 2004
Longing for Fall... - When temperatures give birth to soaring heights and...
By whimsystoryteller

Update Re: Patch Adams - Aug 20, 2004
Non-Conformity at its best... - Hi, Everyone! I just had to share a little...
By whimsystoryteller

Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Aug 7, 2004
21st Century GOD is what he shows what no man can do - Sri Sathya Sai...
By Head

Cancer Chronicles - Jun 2, 2004
And now he won't talk to me - MR.X was calling me every day for a while....
By myshadowle

Opinion Tales: What A Smile Can Do - May 20, 2004
What A Smile Can Do... - When I was just a teenager, thirteen or so, one...
By whimsystoryteller

The Movies I've Watched Lately - Mar 24, 2004
Gothika with Halle Berry - This is a must-see horror flick. Again, as with...
By AgoraphobicPrison

Elocution - Mar 21, 2004
Elocution - Elocution The waitress at the restaurant delivered the food to...
By bObie

Favorite Video Games - Mar 19, 2004
Afterburner II - Afterburner II The moving cockpit version of the 1986...
By RamEffect

You Know That Plagiarizey Thing U Do? - Mar 13, 2004
Fer Chrissake, PLEASE Don't Come Back! - I've really, really looked into...
By mark2556

My opinion of opinions - Mar 8, 2004
Just an opinion - So have we really become that limited by opinions? If...
By myshadowle

Provacative Thoughts and Musings - Feb 9, 2004
What is Life? Where is the Owners Manual? - A friend of mine who is a...
By bObie

The greatest thing that you can do for yourself - Jan 22, 2004
Who am I? - Well, unfortunatley, I haven't figured the meaning of life...
By Bach

Mac's opinion regarding dying - Jan 13, 2004
My Mortality - I've spent a lot of time thinking about my mortality. I...
By Bach

Mac's opinion about wealth and women - Jan 13, 2004
Mac says - Mac says: Man better off only having one cent, than having many...
By Bach

Mac's opinion on O.J. - Jan 6, 2004
Is O.J. really a cold-blooded killer? I know the absolute truth! - Okay,...
By Bach

Mac's opinion of Steve Irwin - Jan 3, 2004
Steve has finally gone to damn far! - Any man that dangles his 4-week old...
By Bach

Lady Jade Speaks A Wizdom! - Jan 1, 2004
Is it in you? - At what point is it enough? When all you can give is...
By CoralJade

Blogging for "Writing's Sake" - Nov 12, 2003
I try to write "quality" and do not blog to blog about bloggers. . . - ...
By JollyJackie

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