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Alien Insomniac on Life after WWIII - Nov 16, 2008
Wandering off... - Hey I'm going to be leaving. I need to consolidate...
By AlienInsomniac

Lostinthought searches for the way... - Nov 3, 2008
Letting go... - Undoubtedly letting go is difficult.... i find pain...
By lostinthought

MIMI WRITEUPS - Nov 2, 2008
November 1 is time to go to the cemetrnovember 1 tradition - Every year,...
By mimiang

Aunt Callie - Oct 29, 2008
ECHOES - Echoes of a time past. Echoes that came as whispers in the night....
By Tea_Rose

Figs Travel Adventures...Or Not! - Oct 25, 2008
Leaving for Capetown in the morning - Sounds like the title of a folk song...
By First_Fig

Random Writings - Oct 24, 2008
Creative Writing Class...Addictive - I signed up for a creative writing...
By Leaf_23

Juvies: An account of being state property - Oct 22, 2008
Beginning of an End - There are certain points in life that I believe we...
By live2love_love2live

What doesnt kill me can only make me sronger!!! - Oct 21, 2008
DAY 1 - My mother has always been the light of my life..the joy in my...
By Sheray91

homegirl/dreah has left the building - Oct 15, 2008
this is it guys... see ya' around -
By homegirl

Adventures in Holland - Oct 13, 2008
Absence - I've been gone for a week! It feels like forever... My laptop...
By Kascella

A Torch To Light My Path - Oct 10, 2008
Time for a slug - This morning I was not in my usual mad rush, so I had...
By missjohn316

"!!A DAY IN THE LIFE OF K!!" - Oct 6, 2008
The jumble I called my brain (back when I was 16) - It's 2004. A good time...
By k1h2a3l4i5d6

Shenyang, China - Heart of the North East - Oct 4, 2008
Day Trip Travails - I have been trying to do too many things at once...
By witenite3333

Life's Colors - Oct 1, 2008
My Novel - 'Butterflies' - A glimpse of a novel Im currently working on......
By cgs07

Licence to Learn - Oct 1, 2008
I forgave him - Yes, I forgave him. If you read the post below this one,...
By missjohn316

Life Through Sira's Eyes - Sep 30, 2008
It saddens me to say it, but it is time to say "Goodbye" for now. Life...
By Sira890

One Phenomenal Life - Sep 24, 2008
Love for India - Before my best friend Shar and I go on our trip to India...
By Captivation

A date With an Insomniac - Sep 20, 2008
Wishing on a well - When the unholy hour strikes...I am up and about. Today...
By romanZa

You have ENTERED the WINDOWS of my soul....... - Sep 17, 2008
Blast to the Past... - as you know in the past couple of weeks, i've been...
By nettie314

Abe's Tirades - Sep 11, 2008
A turn for the better - My life has recently turned for the better as far...
By zoke

My life as a human - Sep 6, 2008
Thinking out loud - As I get older I realize that maybe rushing my teen...
By brianner

Welcome To My Head - Sep 3, 2008
Where Are The Humans? Please Bring In The Humans. - Greed is so radically...
By Xana

Richa's Journal - Sep 2, 2008
My Goldfish Thumbelina - She was on the dining table when I came home from...
By Shota

Wanderings and Wonderings by Arwena Tamayo - Sep 1, 2008
THE WONDER OF FRIENDS - The Wonder of Friends Early in the morning, a very...

Spillage - Sep 1, 2008
Palin is enthusiastic supporter of the aerial slaughter of Alaska's wolves - ...
By _Dido_

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