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May 9, 2008
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Observations of a TV addict - Aug 11, 2008
Bernie Mac 1957-2008 - How much we take true stars for granted. When I...
Movies & Entertainment - Popularity rank: 2909


Shelter - Jul 10, 2008

by Isabel_Whitaker98 words, poem

Withdawing from the world. This poem is about withdrawing from the world. Afraid to be hurt again, sometimes you just need to be alone.

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A perfect cocoon built for me To keep me away from misery...

Drowning - Jul 10, 2008

by Isabel_Whitaker85 words, poem

About trying to stay afloat. This poem is about trying to stay afloat metaphoricaly speaking. Sometimes you can't and you end up drowning.

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Drifting out to sea More disasters I’m dreading Barely afloat what do I see

Hostage - Jul 9, 2008

by Isabel_Whitaker88 words, poem

Being trapped by emotions. This poem describes feelings of captivity based in emotions especially love.

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I am in bondage Tied up like a slave Thrown in to prison

HOPE - Jul 9, 2008

by Isabel_Whitaker123 words, poem

An optimistic poem. No matter how bad your life is it can also get better..

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My present is dim My future is bright I can’t give up