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Diary of a Terrible Memory - Oct 4, 2007
Silent Setting - Remember schooldays when you'd hit the snooze button and...
By Bluegrin

halloween acid house - Sep 29, 2007
lollipops in hell & wailing in heaven - to go completely mad - leave this...
By luvautumn

Nervana2Naturelle - Jul 31, 2007
discovering my missing daughter again Crossroads Cafe - “ Crossroads Cafe”...
By Nervana2Naturelle

Angel Affirmations....The Power of Words - Jul 25, 2007
The Power of Words - Angel Affirmations - The Power of Words It seems...
By nicolajayne_artistangel

addiction to heroin - Jun 11, 2007
from addiction to glory - FROM ADDICTION TO GLORY Current mood: good...
By psychoseb

On the Potter's Wheel - May 24, 2007
On the Potter's Wheel - Please check out this book at
By nlmcs

recap of the London scene - If you have read the earlier entry I guess...
By susiepuppet

Tales from Wolf Island - May 12, 2007
"Not farewell, But fare forward voyagers" T.S. Eliot, "The Four Quartets" - ...
By wolfisland

The Real Life Wrtten Word - Designs by Tamara - May 9, 2007
My Wedding in Santorini, Greece - MARRY YOUR GREEK GOD RIGHT IN THE GREEK...
By tamscamandpen

I SLEEP WITH MY DOG - Mar 8, 2007
COMMENTARY - O.K. Don't get the wrong idea. Nothing's going on. I'm past...
By ma3a

slivers - Dec 22, 2006
It's beginning to look a lot like... well, it's December anyway.
By Temple

AMORÉ - Dec 18, 2006
Opening Story - AMORÉ WHAT happens if a once-beleaguered babysitter...
By KeithAndrews

kayottic - Nov 13, 2006
FINDING YOUR VOICE - I am trying to write for myself a self educational,...
By kayottic

Your Mother Could Lie Before She Could Talk, et al - Aug 11, 2006
Your Mother Could Lie Before She Could Talk--Final Installment - My...
By jentoblues101

Living Vicariously - Jul 18, 2006
The thing about Aristotle
By TaipanPublisher

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