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Kitchen Shenanigans - 1 day ago
Breakfast adventures! - This morning I nuked a packet of the Tasty Bite...
By Ciel - Cooking, Food & Wine

The Ciel Show - 1 day ago
Home for a moment... - It's cool and clear this morning, though temps will...
By Ciel - Journal

Life in the fast lane--where's the on ramp? - 2 days ago
NO THANK YOU, cont'd - For one thing, Elizabeth wanted to go back to...
By Pat_B - Journal

How the Universe looks from here - Nov 23, 2023
Cosmic Models (continued) - It begins with the image of concentric...
By Ciel - Religion & Spirituality

Naut's Tidbits & Snippets - Jul 13, 2017
And in Toronto: Carp swimming in the streets... - Here in Toronto we have...
By Nautikos - Everything Else

Daffodils in August - Nov 30, 2014
To begin at the beginning... - This heading is the opening line of Under...
By mneme - Nonfiction

Songs of the Soul - May 28, 2012
The End - When someone significant leaves you behind, no matter how they...
By Randir - Poetry

Gerontian's Travels - May 7, 2011
Gratitude...and a new poem - I really want to thank each of you have...
By Gerontian - Poetry

Spitfire's Real Animal Stories - Nov 3, 2009
Is Your Dog Lonely for Love? Is He Homely & Can’t Find a Canine Date? - ...
By SpitFire70 - Pets

What are you going to plant in your soul today?
By Julia. - Everything Else