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Raywords - 1 day ago
Ice Queen - crystaline reflections, adorn the landscape, sparkling with...
By Raysongs - Poetry

Photos By Big V - 1 day ago
A Stay At the Hilton - I mentioned that when we lived in Miami, we lived...
By BigV - Arts & Photography

Poetry of all kinds:Great topics and mystery games - 1 day ago
Earnings on Blogit - How long does it take to receive your eearning aftr...
By JennyHeart - Poetry

My Education Experience - 2 days ago
In Honor of Dr. King - November 2002. My favorite high school assignment...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

Chiff .Chaff. - 2 days ago
With apologies, Evidently it is a worrying time for ladies When they put...
By C_C_T - Home & Garden

The Bowl of Saki (for every one) - 2 days ago
Bowl od Saki Jan 15th - Yes, teach your principles of good, but do not...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - World

tales from the murky splurge - 2 days ago
I started to write a poem about the India that overwhelms me so much. I...
By spiderfly - Poetry

The Effulgence Within - 2 days ago
A touching tale of the feeble, fragile and freezing. - It is the austere...
By anibanerjee - Religion & Spirituality

Eclectic Whispers and Intuitions - 2 days ago
Poetry from Eclectic Whispers and Intuitions - Title: Too Early, Today a...
By aries321 - Poetry

watermelon stairwell - 2 days ago
Wheelhouse - Fields and skies Magnetic Her wheelhouse eyes Eclectic...
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

Poetry is to Music as Lyric is to Soul - 2 days ago
Time Apart - Time Apart I can learn to love Our time apart. Cause I come...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Poetry

If I get smart with will you know? - 2 days ago
Tit for Tat Strategy? - A group of Democratic women in Congress plans to...
By Corbin_Dallas - News & Politics

Our Northern Cousins - 3 days ago
Our cousins to the North have a reputation of being a gentle lot... - If...
By Corbin_Dallas - Humor

C.C. - 3 days ago
A visit to the psychiatrist. CC. 'Hello again ' Psychiatrist 'Good...
By C_C_T - Science Fiction & Fantasy

Play It Again - 3 days ago
Worship Hymn - "Praise To The...
By Amanda__ - Movies & Entertainment

Annicita's Poetry, Short Stories & Thoughts - 3 days ago
The realtor came over our house on Wednesday. She wanted to renew the...
By Annicita - Poetry

Butter For Danse Themes - 3 days ago
Mid - Stairwell between dreamwork planes Honeydew sweated brow Her...
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

Seeking Limits of Mankind, and Limits of God - 4 days ago
The Perishables-Part 2: "Star Wars" Promotes A Balance Of Evil - This...
By GoldenMean - Religion & Spirituality

Simon Says to follow the Velon - Simon Says: to follow society and get in...
By Joanofrance - Religion & Spirituality

Picture This! - 5 days ago
How Times Have Changed...
By Corbin_Dallas - Humor

Say What? - 5 days ago
California to Hand Blacks with Criminal Records Money to Sell Marijuana. - ...
By Corbin_Dallas - Everything Else

Living In A Post-Common Sense America - 5 days ago
The Difference Between Dem Voters and Dem Politicials??? - The ones on the...
By Corbin_Dallas - News & Politics

C.C. - 5 days ago
Love note Sky blue. Shall I trace your memory Some sweetness endures...
By C_C_T - Poetry

Anything and Everything - 6 days ago
An Ode to Ketchup - I like ketchup. For me, it adds a lot of flavor to...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

Love, Aunt Mita - 6 days ago
The Sitter - On the upcoming Dr. King holiday, Mom and I are babysitting...
By Amanda__ - Family & Parenting

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