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Oh no you didn't! - 1 day ago
(No subject)
By Annicita - Humor

Annicita's Poetry, Short Stories & Thoughts - 1 day ago
I am patiently waiting for my check to arrive from the demos. I would...
By Annicita - Poetry

Big V Mumbles About Something - 1 day ago
300+ Inches of Snow? - One more thing. This article is talking about how...
By BigV - Everything Else

My Education Experience - 1 day ago
The Cop Cometh - February 2008. I need to write a quick timeline in order...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

Big V Talks About Religion & Spirituality - 1 day ago
It feels weird, being out in the real world again. Around people just...
By BigV - Religion & Spirituality

Life's Gentle Lessons - 1 day ago
Holiness, What Is It? - Holiness, What Is It? It is in the field just...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Humor

Sufism101 - 1 day ago
Holiness, What Is It? - Holiness, What Is It? It is in the field just...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Religion & Spirituality

A Lifetime of Holy Relationship - 1 day ago
Holiness, What Is It? - Holiness, What Is It? It is in the field just...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Relationships

Ask a Sufi - 1 day ago
The Silence of Creation - The Silence of Creation Before any of this...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Religion & Spirituality

Gentle Revolution of the Heart - 1 day ago
Bill Gates, Help Us - Bill Gates, Help Us. I saw an interview with Bill...
By Shams-i-Heartsong - Fiction

Let's Write! - 1 day ago
I'm waiting for my partner to finish up the art work for the paperback...
By BigV - On Writing

RP's Theatre of the (Almost) Absurd - 1 day ago
Mom Did What! - She Confessed... Each year at Christmastime, and actually...
By RPresta - Everything Else

Kabu Speaks - 1 day ago
a cold winter day in Canada. - ** we have a wolf around the house. I heard...
By Kabu - Everything Else

The Ciel Show - 1 day ago
Things are looking better... - Internet is back! Yay! Only 36 hours...
By Ciel - Journal

Keeping Current - 1 day ago
Down With Homework, Say U.S. Schools - ...
By Amanda__ - News & Politics

dunthat - 2 days ago
You’re Welcome CCT. - I’ve done you a favor and deleted it sooner. I...
By DunThat - Everything Else

Anything and Everything - 2 days ago
Memory Challenges - I have a great memories. My blogs show that. There are...
By FormerStudentIntern - Journal

I will tell it to you Straight - Your world is not nice. It has not been...
By Joanofrance - Religion & Spirituality

The Effulgence Within - 2 days ago
The Neve Ever Repayable Debt - The Poet Laureate from Herefordshire County...
By anib - Religion & Spirituality

Every Little Thought Random or Not - 2 days ago
What is Your Favorite Holiday Drink? - Mine is eggnog, with or without...
By GypsyButterflyCA - Everything Else

More News - 2 days ago
Give Trump his wall or things will clog accordingly - The art of the deal...
By zephyr - Nonfiction

Butter For Danse Themes - 2 days ago
Tress Reprise II - From A distance He finds Another reason To lean Upon...
By teddypoet52 - Poetry

Speaking Of Which - 3 days ago
Winter Celebration - We are having a Holiday Party at our upcoming...
By Amanda__ - Education

Love, Aunt Mita - 3 days ago
Ready Or Not - We are babysitting my niece Lura and nephews Timothy and...
By Amanda__ - Family & Parenting

Play It Again - 3 days ago
Christmas Carol - "O Come, O...
By Amanda__ - Movies & Entertainment

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