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London Daily Mail logo London Daily Mail
Taking revenge on your bank
"But today, consumers have more confidence and mass communication gives irate customers new and faster ways of wreaking revenge...create your own web log, or blog, by using the ready-made format on sites such as, or"

Chicago Tribune logo Chicago Tribune
Where the answers grow
"The Internet is overgrown with gardening information. The problem, as in the garden in spring, is how to tell the sprouting weeds from what's worth keeping, since information blows into the Web from so many sources….Here are just a few of the many Web sites that offer sound gardening information that's relevant to Chicago gardening… ( Click on 'Home & Garden' for gardening blogs."

Sun.Star logo Sun.Star
Blog Power
"If you want to blog and get paid, you can subscribe to They require a monthly subscription fee. Half of what you pay for gets distributed to those that you read, and that’s how you get paid as well."

San Jose Mercury News logo San Jose Mercury News
Tribute overdue, trustee says
"[The] founder of the Palo Alto start-up, a community of bloggers...will be honored at a reception today in Burlingame by a national immigrant-advocacy group for their 'contributions that greatly enriched our nation.'" logo
Interview with Blogit CEO & Co-Founder, Mihail Lari
"There are hundreds of blogging solutions, but the key difference is that we provide a venue for bloggers with a ready readership. We also provide a direct way for writers to monetize their blogs... Blogging is part of the whole social software trend that is currently very big. They are a way for people to connect online with other like-minded individuals."

The Vancouver Sun logo The Vancouver Sun
Life is but a blog
"The [Blogit] system sets up intense competition for bloggers to top the most read list."

What's your blog?
"[Blogit (] is one of the few sites that actually pay their members...And because drawing an audience pays at [Blogit], the competition is fierce."

BusinessWeek logo BusinessWeek
Have Web Site, Will Investigate
"Recently, a new business model has emerged in which readers fund Web-based indie journalism. [Blogit is one example] in which readers pay a monthly fee to read stories from a passel of writers."

The Daily Times logo The Daily Times
Grab a keyboard ... and tell the world your innermost thoughts
"Besides ... [], Web sites such as MSNBC also are offering to help fledgling writers get their opinions read on everything from politics to science."

Newspapers & Technology logo Newspapers & Technology
So you really, really want to blog...
"If you decide to give blogging an attempt, you may want to try one of the online, fully hosted sites that cater to this kind of activity. A couple of the more widely known, and []..."

Red Herring logo Red Herring
TCB, not VC
"Entrepreneurs in so-called "garage startups" are taking care of business, not chasing venture capital... [A] friend of mine is working on a top-secret startup...hell-bent on starting a new Web services company that's lean on employees and costs, without raising any outside capital."