Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blogit referral bonus doubled -- earn $20!

You can now earn double the amount as a referral bonus -- $20 -- for each new subcriber you help sign up for Blogit. The Blogit Referral program rewards you every time you help sign up new subscribers who meet the requirements listed here.

Promote your favorite Blogit blogs and the Blogit website by including the Referral link you can find on the Referrals Page.

  1. Please sign into your account first.
  2. Then get your personalized link from the Referrals Page. This link will ensure that all your referrals get credited to your earnings.
  3. Include this link on your website.
  4. Send emails with this link to friends and family to check out the blogs you like the most.
  5. And, finally, always include this link on your email signature with a short note encouraging recipients to check out the Blogit site or your favorite blogs.

These five simple steps can help you earn $20 each time you sign up a new subscriber to Blogit. 

So get started today!

Please note that we are making the new Referral Bonus amount retroactive for any subscribers that you have helped sign up in the last 90 days via your personalized referral link.

Thank you for being a part of the Blogit community!


The Blogit Team

Friday, February 11, 2005

New feature: Tracking your blog's readership

For writers, we've added a frequently requested feature. The "Write" page now shows the number of page views on each of your blogs.
This number, which started at zero this morning, will increase by one every time a reader views a page on your blog. This number is updated in real time and will reflect your cumulative page views to date.
To get the total number of page views you've had since this feature was introduced, please return to your Write page or refresh it, and you will be able to see exactly how many page views you've had to date. At this time, this page views counter does not reset -- so you will be seeing *all* the page views you have had since the feature was introduced.
Please note that reading your own blogs will not increase this page views number. Furthermore, page views only increase when someone reads your blog, not when they read a comments page.
Please also note that this feature only tells you how many page views you've had on each of your blogs; rankings and earnings may not be directly related to page views since rankings depend on the number of unique readers each day and earnings depend on how many pages your readers are reading in total each month.
Blogit Team
Updated: 3/16/05 12:08 pm

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Earlier this weekend, the Blogit network saw its 200,000th blog entry posted by a member! Wow!

This milestone follows in the heels of the 500,000th comment recently.

The 200,000th blog post was written by food4thought in the Sports blog Ballet on dirt.

The post called "Two wheels for fun" discusses doubling your pleasure with a two-wheel drive motorcycle! You can find the complete post here.

Thank you!

Blogit Team

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blogit hits a milestone!

Earlier today at 6:38 AM, Blogit hit the half a million mark in comments. Wow!

Do you know who made the 500,000th comment in Blogit's history?

None other than beachbelle who has been a Blogit member since June 19, 2003. Thank you beachbelle and every one of you who has helped make Blogit the incredible community it is today.

The 500,000th comment can be found here
. It was in response to a post by WileyCoyote (Blogit member since July 31, 2003).

Here's to the next half a million comments!

Thank you.


Blogit Team

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New subscription plans and pricing launched

Dear Blogit Members,
Today we are launching new subscription plans and pricing for new subscribers. The last price increase was almost a year and a half ago in May 2003. In appreciation of existing subscribers who're at the rate in place since May 2003 we have no plans at this time to change the pricing for their plan.
The price increase will also mean an increase in earnings for writers since 50% of the Basic subscription (as is the case today) will continue to go to the writers who are read by each subscriber. This means that more than double the dollar amount is now available to writers from each new Blogit subscriber.
The change in price was necessary since our costs continue to rise due to the recently released new features, a significant system upgrade that provides improved hosting and reliability, and expanded capacity for the new photo hosting and continuing growth, redesign and customer service for the constantly growing member base. We will also be investing in additional marketing to add more members, which will make the site more valuable to everyone.
Due to increased blog spamming, we have received requests from customers to consider restricting the number of blogs and/or charging different amounts for the number of blogs. The new Blogit Basic service will now allow one blog per subscription while the top offering, Blogit Gold, will allow up to five blogs.
Existing subscribers currently have what is now called Blogit Basic. There will be no price increase for their Blogit Basic plan (as long as they are at the rate in place since May 2003) and they will continue to have unlimited blogs and access to the classic custom templates.
If existing subscribers decide to pay extra and upgrade to the Blogit Gold or Blogit Silver plans that include photo hosting, additional member photos, and easy/advanced control over layout and style, they will be charged the new rate for these new plans. However, unlike new subscribers, existing subscribers will continue to have unlimited blogs and access to the classic custom templates even if they change plans.
The new subscription plans are as follows, and include discounted yearly subscriptions:
Blogit Gold
Read hundreds of thousands of posts and comments, and publish up to five blogs (online columns). Includes 100 photos, advanced control over layout and style, and five member pictures. 
Cost: $15.95/month (if purchased as a 12-month subscription) or $19.95 per month.

Blogit Silver
Full access to hundreds of thousands of posts and comments. Publish up to three blogs (online columns). Includes 50 photos, easy-to-use layout and style choices, and three member pictures. 
Cost: $12.95/month (if purchased as a 12-month subscription) or $15.95 per month.
Blogit Basic
Everything you need to get started reading and writing. Read hundreds of thousands of posts and comments, leave comments on the blogs you read, and publish your own blog (online column) and one member picture.
Cost: $9.95/month (if purchased as a 12-month subscription) or $12.95 per month.
If you would like to upgrade to one of the premium Blogit packages, please go to the Blogit Change Plan page.
Thank you.
The Blogit Team The online writing marketplace.
Updated: 12:05 pm PST on Thursday, October 28, 2004

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Two changes based on member feedback

We're pleased to announce the following changes to Blogit based on member feedback over the last few weeks.

  • When adding someone to your block list, you are now asked to confirm the addition. This keeps people from being accidentally blocked.
  • Member pictures can now be larger (up to 120x120 pixels -- was previously 70x100 pixels).
  • We appreciate all feedback and try to incorporate your suggestions when we can in our ongoing efforts to add features and improve the Blogit experience.

    Thank you!

    Blogit Team The online writing marketplace.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Blogit rolls out new features!

    We have added a number of frequently-requested new features. As some of you may have noticed, we upgraded the Blogit site with a brand new template system earlier today. We're now pleased to announce the following new features accessible through My Account:

    • The Member Pictures page makes it easy to add a picture to your About Me page. You can upload a picture in JPEG, GIF or PNG format, up to 2 MB in size. We expect to offer the option of multiple pictures in the future.
    • The People List allows you to track the names of the most fascinating members of the Blogit community (e.g. Brian of the Blogit Team ) and share them with readers of your blog.
    • The Blog List allows you to add your favorite Blogit blogs so that readers of your blog can see who you recommend as good reading (besides yourself, of course!).
    • The Link List allows you to track and highlight your favorite web pages, articles or sites.

    With the new Blogit Lists, it is now a snap to track -- and share -- the most scintillating Blogit personasthe best writing, and your favorite spots on the Web.


    If you have a blog, the first ten items from each list appears in the sidebar, along with an Explore link that allows readers to page through all of the items in the list. The Blog List page also displays useful information such as a blog’s owner and last post.


    If you are using a custom template, please see the Template Tags help page to learn about the new People, Blog and Link list tags.


    We hope you enjoy these newest improvements to Blogit!




    Blogit Team The online writing marketplace.

    New Template System for Blogit

    We're pleased to put in place today a brand new template system for Blogit!


    The rebuilt template system will allow us to add many frequently requested features, some of which we will be making available shortly. Other benefits include:

    • Quicker display of default templates, using the powerful XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Transformations) technology standard.
    • More stable custom templates. When creating custom templates, please follow the new Style Guidelines section on the Designing Templates help page. We expect this to help prevent custom templates from being affected by future changes to the default templates and/or to the Blogit header and footer.
    • Better accessibility and web standards compliance. This is the first step of a long-term goal to make Blogit as accessible and consistent as possible across web browsers on various computers.

    Do you have an existing custom template?


    To minimize display issues for existing custom templates, there is a new “Use old template styles” box on the custom template editing page. This box is checked for existing custom templates.


    Although this checkbox appears to resolve most issues, some custom templates may require minor changes. If you would prefer to switch to a default template, go to your blog's editing page, click "Change template" and select the default template.





    Blogit Team The online writing marketplace.

    Friday, June 4, 2004

    One month since upgrade

    It has been one month since the system upgrade, so we wanted to post an update.
    Without most members noticing, we moved from the old system to a brand-new system in a different state. Thanks to careful planning, we were able to minimize downtime to less than 30 minutes during the move.
    We are spending about ten times as much on the new system. This has been a significant investment, but uptime logs show that availability and reliability have greatly improved as a result.
    The expanded capacity will make it possible for us to add new features and improvements to Blogit. We will be announcing some of these over the next two months.
    Blogit Team The online writing marketplace

    Thursday, May 27, 2004

    Home page design and content changes

    We're pleased to launch the new Blogit website design today. As mentioned earlier, we've been working on this as part of our Blogit service upgrade.
    The design and content of the home page has changed. If you prefer the previous home page, you may still view that by clicking on the Old Home Page link at the bottom of the current home page. Newest Posts are also still available via the link on the home page. And all of the Category links take you to a specific category where you can sort blogs by name, ranking and how recently they were updated.
    While we continue to make improvements to the Blogit service, we are also working to grow Blogit (and the money available to writers) through marketing partnerships and additional advertising.
    To ensure that Blogit can be marketed as widely as possible, partners need to know that Blogit writers cover many different subjects, not solely adult-only subjects. When writers post Mature Audiences (MA) content on the general site instead of on the MA site, and it appears on the home page, it can cause confusion about the scope of Blogit.
    This is why we made the decision to move New Posts to its own page to reduce the risk of misplaced MA content appearing on the home page. If you see MA content posted on the general site, please notify the writer (or us) so it may be moved to the MA site. We've also changed the way Featured Blogs appear on the home page for the same reason.
    We hope you like the new Blogit site.
    Thank you.
    Blogit Team The online writing marketplace.

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