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What is Blogit's Referral Bonus?

Blogit's Referral Bonus is an incentive program for Blogit members. Members earn $20 for every new subscriber they refer to Blogit.

How do I refer a friend?

When you sign up, we send you a Blogit referral email that you can forward to your friends. We include a link in the email that identifies you as the referrer. If your friend uses that link to sign up, you are eligible for a referral bonus. Please use our referral program responsibly.

In addition, your Referrals page includes a referral link and logos that you can place in an email or on a web site.

What are the rules on spamming?

Blogit's referral program is meant to encourage people to introduce the benefits of Blogit to their friends and family, and to people they interact with online. It is not intended to encourage spam. You may post your referral link online in any place deemed appropriate by the owners of the web site where you are posting.

What does my friend have to do?

Your friend must subscribe to Blogit, and remain subscribed for three months, for you to receive the $20 referral bonus.

Which of my friends are eligible?

All of your friends are eligible as long as they are not already Blogit users, and someone else has not already received a bonus for referring them. To protect our users' privacy, we will not notify you if your friend has already been referred.

How can I ensure my friends' privacy?

We are committed to protecting our users' information. We will use the transaction information only for the purpose of this program.

When do I receive my $20 bonus?

You will receive your $20 bonus as soon as your friend completes the bonus requirements above.

What if my friend signs up with a different email address than the one I used for forwarding the Blogit referral email?

As long as your friend uses the link in your email to sign up, you will receive your $20 referral bonus even if your friend signs up with a different email address.

How long will the Referral Bonus last?

The program is for a limited time so act quickly to take advantage of the bonus!

View the official Referral Terms and Conditions for more details.

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