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The Prodigal Son - Aug 8, 2008

by archiew2,710 words, short story

Eerie Revenge. This "Twilight Zone" type story will show that it is not always good to get everything you need. I always thought this story would make a good half-hour suspense episode on television.

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The bottle was open and there was a rocks glass, half full of ice, next to it. Wes swore to himself that the briefcase was empty since this morning when he'd arrived at the office and emptied it himself. There was that unmistakable odor of Hai Karate, too, much stronger than the mellow, inviting scent of the scotch whiskey. The drive home that night was a strange one. Thoughts of Wes' Dad kept coming through. Wes even lit his cigarette with a match instead of with the electric lighter in the...