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I named myselfuk ie when I was three.

I've been mistaken formcgiver...inventive and resourceful.

nancy(drew: artist, too

I love Firenze as in Nightengale and am inspired by great music, art and hearts like mother 


I live on faith, and still struggle with doubt. I look to God as my strengh and forever am trying to do things myself. My favorite book is the Bible, it's written on my heart. I'm new in love and life, just grateful for it.

May it go on forever, well I know I will in heaven. How about you?

United States
Primary occupation:
Dream occupation:
Life Partner
Manhattan Beach, California
Schools attended:
Country Day School, Coast High School, Camino College
I like:
cold ears, sunshine behind me, true friends
Favorite writers:
Kristiana Gregory, Irving Stone
Favorite books:
Bible, dictionaries(many languages) and thesaurus
Favorite newspapers:
none, but I will read what's before me
Favorite magazines:
clean and informative, humorous, cultural
Favorite music:
Cross Cultural (Bolywood to Primative to Bach, to Gospel)
Favorite movies:
Sun Valley Serande, Shrek
Favorite TV shows:
Mr. Ed, channel 18
Favorite teams:
Kings and our kids
Favorite quote:
"love one another"
1-twice-3 Xs a lady
Post Evangelical