Dating With Bonzo

By QuailNest

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Dating with Bonzo
I might be in denile, but one of my trained monkeys has goneape!


Still sleepy and before I could rub the dust out of eyes,Gonzo had jumped up on my pallet and was picking the lice out of hair, preeningas if I were one of his own 


Happy for another daybreak, I put on my sandals and grab thebaskets I will need today.

An early start means getting things done so I can stay cooland nap at high sun.


Bonzo and his offspring gallop ahead of me to the riversedge and darn it all, waken a now angry hippo on shore.  He must think its fun and games totease the cumbersome, but surprisingly fast “Boat Eaters”. Thanks the monkeyclan, we’ll have to walk up stream to the Palm grove.


Magic light brightens the river with green and purple treesas the day breaks.  Soon the movingrocks become more Hippos, gators and families of birds!  Quickly, I forget Bonzo who is justmonkeying around with his youngsters, and run to the hut to get my quiver andbow.

 Good thing I made extra arrows yesterday while standingguard while others napped at river’s edge. Now I am sure to bring bird toafternoon fire.  Approaching thesandbar, knee deep in the water, I hide behind a bush and prepare my bow.  A flock of white long legs graze nearsome sleeping open mouthed gators.


I shoot the arrow and miss. Alerted the birds fly away andwaken the small but threatening amphibians headed my way! Caught between thenearly blind sharp toothed reptiles and the aggressive hippos, I take a chanceand rush ashore, hopping over the gators which are like snapping thorn bushes.


Watching from high in the trees are Bonzo and his buddies,they chatter and wrestle with one another as if nothing out of ordinary hadhappened. It isn’t every day that I miss my shot.  Determined to bring bird to the fire, I draw another arrowand march boldly up the path following the white birds.  This time I hit my target and Gonzoretrieves the catch for 


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