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Monday, November 5, 2007


Please, oh please, oh PLEASE read this post!



How can one fathom a conduct policy that bans a highly respected member like Dave, while tolerating the disgusting rant below this comment.

I refer to that which is so typical of Soul_ Builder's blog. It is insulting, arrogant, dismissive and grossly discouteous to his  fellow bloggers. It must surely be in totally in breach of the conduct policy.

But apparently this conduct which should not be permitted in any public forum is aceptable to the Blogit staff. Or is it that we are only policed when it suits our staff, in which case, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

If anyone can deduce any sort of reason for this bizarre discrepancy, I would love to hear of it.

You have yet to respond to my inquiry

If your position is that Dave's post were "unacceptable" and/or violated one of your rules or guildines, I would still like to know why you find a post, such as the following, accepting "writing" within your site.... 

[BlogitStaff: this reposted blog entry has been deleted since it is someone else's -- please email potential policy violations to us so we can handle it following procedure]

Preparations for McCarthyism At It's Finest

Since anyone of us can be expelled at any time for alleged infractions reported by secret accusers after being given warnings not to do what we were alleged to do but no opportunity to refute the secret charges, it behooves us to save all of our work and be prepared for our eventual ouster.

Reading through Blogit's policy on handling banning members, I am struck by the wisdom of the Magna Carta and the legal tradition it spawned whereby charges are openly brought forth and no punishment is inflicted except by the judgment of one's peers.

So where is the King John of Blogit?  The Barons and I have a matter to discuss with him...

A final note on .Dave.

.Dave.'s account is closed. It will remain closed.

In the typical scenario, we only suspend members after multiple warnings and repeated occurrences of policy infractions. This is not something we do lightly, and we do what is in the best interest of everyone -- not just one group.

For more information, please see the Common Policy Questions page, which has answers to many questions.

Please don't be disruptive on Blogit; there are other people trying to write here.

[Edit: As we have mentioned many times, we are happy to discuss improvements to general procedures, but we cannot talk about a particular case. To make sure this is clear in this entry, the phrase "in the typical scenario" has been added to the beginning of the second paragraph.]

Saturday, November 3, 2007

TO BLOGIT: Registering my desire to have .Dave reinstated also

I am new on this blog and have already gained considerable enjoyment and satisfaction from being involved. However I wish to add my voice to the appeal for .Dave's reinstatement into Blogit. The strength of my feelings on this matter are based on two factors:

1/ he was one of the first to welcome me and respond to my offerings when I joined, and consistently gave useful feedback and advice when I needed it

2/ it is clear that he is highly valued by many others for whom he has had a similar affect and, even in his absence, continues to inspire

It is extremely obvious that the community here has benefited greatly from .Dave's  generous and warm spirit and it is my feeling that, until Blogit makes it clear how their decision comes from an equally well-meaning and considerate place, the lack of proper clarification or resolution will continue to leave many feeling dispirited and dismayed.

Do You Know?

Do any of you know how the "featured" post get to be in that particular place? I used to be there fairly often. In the last year I have not seen any one of my several blogs listed there once.

Do any of you know why the majority of the people on here get along? Do you know why there are about 10 bullies on here who use different tactics but they choose to use openly hateful language and they remain the favored?

If you could comment to me about this I would appreciate it.


They deleted some of my posts here as well! .... I thought that was very nice of them! ....

Waiting for an apology from Blogit and .Dave.'s re-instatement.

Hope you guys get to see this, before it's deleted.



Friday, November 2, 2007

Hmm, so there really IS censorship here

Brian76 posted a response from .Dave. and I posted a comment and surprise, surprise, both vanished after a short while.  How long will this post remain?  Keep your eyeballs peeled.

The odd thing is that blogit implied that the Town Square (not Community Help) was the place to discuss the .Dave. matter.  But how can we discuss if blogit keeps censoring posts?

something to read over the weekend

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