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Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate to disagree but.....

Whether we agree or not Blogit is not a democracy,it is a privately owned business.As such they get to make up the rules,and rules are rules.All this negativity is bringing everyone else down.If you don't like the way they run things,start your own business.

Why Blogit's Actions Are Bad Business

By being secretive about its banning of bloggers, Blogit has subjected itself to the charge of being arbitrary and capricious.  This can be fatal for a business with its model.

It should be clear that Blogit does not simply provide a service or product that a customer simply buys without any involvement in the manufacturing process.  Rather, it is a literary magazine without the attractive hard copy for authors to pass around, but with more involvement of authors in determining their compensation.  Editorial direction is replaced, in theory, by subscription along the lines suggested in the late 19th century by Edward Bellamy in "Looking Backward".  This would work fine except that Blogit has set itself up as prosecutor, judge and jury to deal with what it equates with criminal offenses.  In so doing, it has lost all credibility.  In our society, whether someone has committed such offenses is determined by an open trial with a jury of one's peers.  That has credibility and Blogit suffers from the comparison.  As such, their bannings are and have been viewed as "witch hunts". 


From the standpoint of an author whose compensation is based upon readership, this is very troublesome.  Irrespective of whether they feel themselves likely proclaimed a witch or warlock, they have readers that do or have, readers who also read authors that do or have and so on.  We are already starting to see that with the .Dave. banning.  Some authors and readers say they are leaving and others will leave without saying so.  Those of us who remain have to try to scrounge around for new readers but, with a bad taste in our mouths about arbitrary bannings, are not inclined to go outside Blogit to bring new readers in.  Many of us, myself included, will eventually find that our compensation no longer supports our contributions to this magazine.  As we leave, the product will suffer and the rest of the customers will also leave.

And that is pretty much the definition of "bad business".

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello everyone, my visits to Blogit have been a bit patchy recently; in the meantime someone I had come to appreciate, Dave, was banned, and from browsing around I see that I am not the only one sorry to see him go. My question is, does Dave now have a blog elsewhere? If any of you reading this, know where, please feel free to email me the details, it would be nice to read him again. And, this has also made me anxious about loosing my posts!  What does actually happen to one's postings when the account is deleted? Do they remain in place, in an inacrtive page, or are they deleted too?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The violation I reported fell into this category

"As in real life, activities such as verbal assault, name-calling, and harassment -- including racial, religious and sexual harassment -- carry penalties. For example, it is not acceptable to use profanity, vulgarity or hate speech against another member. Penalties may include account suspension or termination, and a report to the proper authorities if warranted. To learn more about verbal abuse and its impact on others, please see the Verbal/Emotional Abuse page on Suite 101 and the psychological abuse directory on Google."

If you're going to delete my post

- a sample of negativity be written in here - then at the very least please respond to my complaint which I did submit initially in the proper manner (to you).  As I did not receive a sufficient reply beyond "we will investigate", I posted it in here to bring it to your attention again. 

A reminder

Since we have received a couple of emails expressing confusion on this issue, we would like to assure everyone that in the rare case in which we have to suspend an account, but the owner is unable to copy their blog entries in the allotted time before their blogs are deleted, we provide them to the owner via email as mentioned here.

The last thing we want is for anyone to lose their work. Of course, it's always a good idea to back up your work on your computer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A few people have ruined it for everyone!

.dave. was the first person on this site to read my blog, and he was both encouraging and polite. The fact that my first bloggit encouter was so positive kept me coming back.

His blogs were sometimes humerous, sometimes insightful, sometimes mystifying; but always entertaining. If you've decided to ban him, how long before other well-read and entertaining blogs are shut down for some silly and unjustified reason?

I am seriously affronted by your decision. It's unwarranted cenorship, and it should not be tolerated. Just because you don't understand the content or humor in a blog doesn't make it agaist the rules.

Given the number of people that have expressed similar opinions,  I'm shocked that .dave. hasn't been reinstated. I can only assume that you have no idea what the loss of our cherished .dave. has done. Are you unconcerned or simply unaware of the consequences your actions will surely have?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It has been brought to my attention that...

Zena, Brian, and KaHae have all been either banned or suspended.  Is this true, and if so, why does it not indicate this on their profiles???  Curious and a little miffed by the progress of this whole fiasco...

Monday, November 5, 2007


Please, oh please, oh PLEASE read this post!



How can one fathom a conduct policy that bans a highly respected member like Dave, while tolerating the disgusting rant below this comment.

I refer to that which is so typical of Soul_ Builder's blog. It is insulting, arrogant, dismissive and grossly discouteous to his  fellow bloggers. It must surely be in totally in breach of the conduct policy.

But apparently this conduct which should not be permitted in any public forum is aceptable to the Blogit staff. Or is it that we are only policed when it suits our staff, in which case, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

If anyone can deduce any sort of reason for this bizarre discrepancy, I would love to hear of it.

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