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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I want to be a writer, but I have no readers...

It's like having a coffee shop without coffee.

It's like having a store with no customers.

It's like having a stroke without a heart.

It's like having a thought, without a brain.

I'm working on my third novel. My second one is posted on my Blog for people to buy. And writing has to be one of the hardest businesses to tap into, especially if you're not in New York, and suck at networking. I'm a writer dammit, that is what I tell myself. Yet, everyday I mindlessly go to work at a telecom company, installing ckts and helping customers run their business, while I myself have yet to become known in mine.


I want to be a writer, but I have no readers...

It's like

I want to be a writer, but I have no readers...

It's l

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rushing Through Life

We all rush through life in a great hurry.

Every new corner turned adds more worry.

We think we have all of this time to press,

Over-scheduling things and over-loading with stress.

Walking through crowded corridors with a push and a shove.

Not taking time to notice someone that we love.

Quickly grabbing a doughnut, candy bar or coke.

Passing by a friend as they’ve started to choke.

Taking anti-depressants to make us happy.

Popping other pills that make us feel crappy.

Making money holds our sole devotion.

Forget about great trees and the blue ocean.

Everyone reaching for prestige and power.

How many truly stop to smell a flower?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Would something sold be used by others?

Hi, I recently read the news that you could sell your stories. Does this mean that once sold, your stories could be used by others to publish, or is it a faster way of making ones earnings here?



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photographs...Can anybody tell me how to add photographs?

I am allowed 50 photographs, but I like to add a specific photo for each blog, and often I want

to add more. I thought at one time I read there is a way to cut or paste but this hasn't been

successful for me. Does anybody know how to get around this system? Thanks. Winged.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Learning something new can be a bit frustrating at first. But once you learn your way around, you wonder what the big deal ever was.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Anybody else having trouble listing items?

I finally fill in all the fields for the first page in the process and try to continue and I get an error saying:


We're sorry, but we could not display the page you were trying to view.

Please wait a few minutes and try again, check the page's address, or return to the Blogit home page.


I have done so repeatedly with the same result.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Great Clickfishing /Emoticon Dropping Debate

Some folks scatter emoticons and nonsequiteurs in the comments sections of many blogs, apparently trying to attract more attention to their own material, but not paying attention the blogs they drop these little tidbits upon.

This really nettles some people, and I sympathize, but personally I just don't react to these offerings most of the time and it stays within reasonable bounds.

And if I don't like a comment or think it needs personal attention, I'd remove it and use my Blogit-linked email account to answer them personally. No huhu.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breath Again

         Life Without You

I begged you on hands and knees to
try to live with me in peace, seem war
stayed on your mind, so here's the reasons
why I'm leaving you behind

I need space to think, to express myself
without your doubt

Without - your eyes upon my thoughts
Without - your dagger looks and pouts
Without - the love/hate you feel for me

Without - having to ask what do you want
to eat
Without - being the rug under your feet
Without - taking your punches mentally


Without - wishing for the love I've never had
Without - hearing you're sorry, over and over
Without - You pretending to be my friend
Without - the jealousy I feel you have
although every day I give my best

Without - the evil you expose
Without - the weakness you show
Without - the non - support you show
for my talents each day

Without responding to your negative ways
Without - the fear of being alone, I'm at peace
when your gone

Without - feeling I've wasted so many years
Without - wishing I had a penny for each tear

For me there's something you can do, give me
back my " Life Without You "

Poet: Tina Marie Clark

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