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Mature Audiences

Me AND My Thoughts - Oct 28, 2012
what happens when you do nothing all day - This will be a little different...
By JohnElliottJR35

Sharing My Cup of Life for a Premium Lifestyle - Oct 16, 2012
Teamwork - A Lasting and Strong Foundation I feel that when it comes to...
By SharingDarleen

Well, that was just embarrassing! - Oct 14, 2012
How many times have I actually gone and ordered take out for the family,...
By djliving

The merry-go-round - Aug 23, 2012
Still hanging in - I've had a bit of a setback, but coming out of it has...
By joab6

Deep breathe and a leap into the unknown - Aug 1, 2012
I belive in marriage - So what do I believe about marriage? Why is...
By MakLee

Hues of life - Jul 23, 2012
Goodbye! - Hello, my friends! It’s finally time to say goodbye to all of...
By Nita09

You'd Be Surprised... - Jun 24, 2012
Blogit's Mastermind! - You might be surprised by this little guy.... He's...
By geri

Texting, Bean Burritos & Virtual Farming... - Is it just me or does the...
By kushie

Dear Dad - Apr 24, 2012
RIP Dad 4/18/2012 - Hello bloggers, I'll be starting this blog up again...
By myrrhage_

Waves of Life - Mar 18, 2012
U Tube, Twitter & Facebook... - If you are addicts of all 3, what do you...
By WaterKat

The Cricket Chirps - Mar 16, 2012
Coffee With Fake Cream - I never used to drink coffee. I used to find it...
By hazel_st_cricket

Guy's blog about life with pets in northern mich. - Mar 13, 2012
I'm SO disillusioned that I might go outside and suck on my car's tailpipe!
By northsage_45

SOS Messages - Mar 7, 2012
HOW TO FIND YOUR HIDDEN TREASURE - When reading the following verses from...
By WaterKat

Penni Thoughts - Feb 10, 2012
The perfect Valentine's Day gift?! - A big heart shaped box filled with a...
By Penni76

Thoughts for the Day:Poems and Stories by Kimarie - Jan 14, 2012
JESUSVille!- Why Christians Don't play Facebook games(or shouldn't) - ...
By Songofsolomon1966

Tide's Deliverance - Dec 30, 2011
Voice of the little things speaks a meaning of the bigger things when we - ...
By Raye09

Kimarie's Home: Welcome! - Dec 29, 2011
The Widows Might - The Widows "Might" Most of us are familiar with the...
By Songofsolomon1966

The Rest of the Story - Dec 12, 2011
Reading the Feast - The days of remembering love, peace and goodwill be...
By Raye09

Quotesie Contemplations for Convoluted Creatives - Nov 19, 2011
What writing is to me. - How do I keep rhyming? It's all about the timing...
By KriMo83

I-R-William Rambles Again - Sep 5, 2011
After A Long Dry Spell - Hey there, bloggers It has been awhile since I...
By I-R-William

I was Just Thinking.... - Aug 31, 2011
Quotes for Today--Belief - We all have our own life to pursue, our own...
By GypsyButterfly

Thoughts from the heart and Thoughts from the mind - Aug 14, 2011
Author seeks marketing aid - Hello blog it readers. I have just recently...
By LeeTimmer

not the house life - Aug 13, 2011
Toxic Assets Link Vanity Link Lust link short story Greed short story My...
By the-loanlady

It's Blog'n True! - Aug 6, 2011
I Hope You Did'nt Eat Your Poo! - On a hot summers day I lay you to sleep...
By LemonyEmz

Jaded Rose's experience - Jul 20, 2011
Music=Life - Everyone should have a soundtrack to life,those moments where...
By Inigma_13

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