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Kabu Speaks - 10 hours ago
Cooler today and the washing is almost done. - It isn't the washing and...
By Kabu - Everything Else

Tales from the Bush in Quebec - 24 days ago
ON THIS 24th OF JUNE - It is a lovely sunny and breezy day, especially...
By adnohr - Journal

Picture This! - Aug 19, 2021
Biden wants to take your Guns...He Have a Massive Stockpile to the Taliban!
By Corbin_Dallas - Humor

Naut's Tidbits & Snippets - Jul 13, 2017
And in Toronto: Carp swimming in the streets... - Here in Toronto we have...
By Nautikos - Everything Else

The Impossibility Of Knowing - Oct 5, 2012
It's been a while between posts... - What have you done since March? What...
By Azur - Nonfiction

dunesifter - Mar 24, 2011
The First 10 Days of Spring? - What can happen in 10 days? In Japan your...
By johnmacnab - Everything Else

No Place Like Home - Jan 15, 2011
I Want To Save The World - Carl makes fun of me because when he asks me...
By Bel_ - Everything Else

HOW TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS - If you surf the channels of daytime and/or...
By Talion_ - Journal