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Life As A Single Mom. - Oct 29, 2012
Our Homes... - Today I woke up at 7 like I usually do. And this time my...
By Katherine_Ann

Lori, On Winning with a disability! - Oct 1, 2012
Bye folks! - Just wanna say goodbye to all you wonderful folks were...
By globug771

Its a Yooper's Life - Sep 8, 2012
I may be a Maxinista! - The latest and greatest in the Yoop is the grand...
By Wilds

Pages from Life - Sep 6, 2012
Journal entry, August 7 (strictly private) - Something new is wrong with...
By Pannonian

Nomad2012 - Aug 1, 2012
Self-Cleaning - Yesterday, it poured for long in the afternoon. While...
By nomad2012

Behind the woodshed.... - Jul 19, 2012
I am a bad girl in a Barbie world. - A scrawl on the wall. A nasty word. I...
By Tstitch_is_Back

GOODBYE BLOGIT! - Jul 12, 2012
ARIALA IS LEAVING BLOGIT! - I notice my anniversary is July 14, but I've...
By Ariala

SUNNY'S DAY - Jul 2, 2012
Ok, Let me start from the ending... - Ok.. going to move backwards for a...
By Afzal_Sunny7

24 HOUR DINER - Jun 27, 2012
For TAPS, and anyone else wondering what's up with Kooka and the CO fires - ...
By Xeno-x

Animated Insanity, or the world as I see it - Jun 14, 2012
Why do I HAVE to look for work, or at least to their standards? - I know...
By zofialotus

Flipping the Gidget - Jun 8, 2012
The passing of Benzinha. - Our beloved Benzinha passed away on Wednesday....
By Temple

PROPHECY - I dance with the beast I do not name of meat and bones and...
By robdon67

World of Wild Dark Distortion - May 31, 2012
Nightmare Number 1 - Well, this is a journal about myself. Its real, for...
By Curious1_Unknown

It's Just Me - Apr 18, 2012
Farmville Love it or Hate it - OK I have a confession. I am a farmville...
By TissiBlake

Malcolm's midwife: Words from the heart - Apr 8, 2012
Happy Easter - I cannot believe that my last post was on Christmas Day but...
By malcolm

Orcalion: Life is A Learning Process - Mar 13, 2012
Goodbye.. For Now.. - It is really hard for me to decide to sit down and...
By orcalion

Writing or lack there of... - Mar 2, 2012
Passwords - The puppy couldn’t sleep so I am up much earlier than I would...
By Meandering_Philosophies

Dee's Insight - Feb 2, 2012
Storm Clouds - When the sun is shining and all is well, it is easy to have...
By msbluntdee

Eying the Doughnut - Feb 1, 2012
My Favorite - If favorite means close to heart and soul, then I would...
By msbluntdee

Dee's Insight - Feb 1, 2012
Poverty - For most Americans the word “poverty” suggests destitution,...
By msbluntdee

Life of Me - Jan 16, 2012
Do you have the recipe for kerfloogenfluken? - I never really appreciated...
By myrrhage_

Molding it on My Own - Jan 16, 2012
Own Leaving the Community - Days so fast.. I'm quite busy for my vacation...
By kwentuhero_II

Holiday - Jan 9, 2012
UNO GROSSO RESPECTO ! - Lei suona per te T'Amo lei sole in mei. Il cuore...
By diego1

What Makes Sense and What Doesn't. - Dec 24, 2011
A Day for Exploration - The ocean has been calling me for days, now. Today,...
By shadesofblue

Makings-of-Me - Dec 15, 2011
I didn't abort - Hi blogit i just want to say i wrote and entry about...
By Charnell_Lanay

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