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Dream Diary - Dec 2, 2015
In the news - There hasn't been much in the way of interesting dreams over...
By slam

Bible Trivia What is Your Answer - Nov 27, 2015
Bible Trivia - Our next bible trivia question is: Which of the following...
By Riversidepoet

Blue feather thoughts - Nov 10, 2015
Fixin' what aint broke - I am constantly amazed at people who feel they...
By Blue_feathers

Look upon Jesus and Live - Sep 12, 2015
Every person must repent and believe, or go to Hell - Repentance means a...
By elpizo_Jehoshua

against all odds - Aug 19, 2015
ground maintenance - I got to maintain the ground That stand on Sometimes...
By Catfish281

Encouragement food for Your thoughts - Jun 8, 2015
Head Held up HIgh - Don't walk with your head down looking at the ground...
By fememefeme

Saint Pantaleon - Feb 21, 2015
Condemned to lose his head - Saint Pantaleon was a physician to the...
By AaronCarter

Some thoughts on Scripture - Jun 29, 2014
Do Not Ask Amiss In Prayer - James 4:3--"You ask and do not receive,...
By Against4WindsOn2Flam

Devigion's Inspiration - Jun 12, 2014
REFUSE TO BE DISCOURAGED - Sometimes we all get Discouraged. I mean, we're...
By devigion

Brenda Freeman - Jan 6, 2014
Forgiveness - FORGIVNESS God woke me up this morning at the breaking of...
By beefree

Other people's inspiring words - Nov 3, 2013
One of the greatest human needs is... - One of the oldest human needs is...
By Straightforward

The Preachers of LA Biblically Speaking - Oct 17, 2013
Be slow to anger Know your enemy - If and when hard times (famine) come...

Jeff's Spiritual Stuff - Oct 11, 2013
The Devil Made Me Do It - Had a conversation with someone on facebook the...
By jollyjeff

WHAT IS THE BEAST - not "who" if you will notice the description of the...
By Xeno-x

God as The Universe as an Organism - Aug 31, 2013
I AM LEAVING BLOGIT - probably sept 1 and you will not hear from me here...
By Xeno-x

Jesus vs. Christianity - Aug 31, 2013
I AM LEAVING BLOGIT - probably sept 1 and you will not hear from me here...
By Xeno-x

Hear Ye the Word of The Lord Unify - Jul 2, 2013
Join together in ministeries to share in goods & Svc for Free Unify network

Journey of Faith - Mar 14, 2013
Grief when friends pass away... - Someone I knew when I was a young writer...
By Miz_Circe

Magick - Mar 7, 2013
Keep quite - One of the most important laws in Magick and the Occult is to...
By slam

WHAT IS GOD? - Feb 2, 2013
Sanctity of Silence. - Silence is a precious gift. Silence is the...
By Javaret

OnenesswithGod - Dec 30, 2012
Don't worry. Be happy.--Meher Baba
By sweetlove2

Eugene Coghill (Soul Revelation) - Jul 15, 2012
Joy To The World (A Christmas Article) - Joy To The World by Eugene...
By landpilot

Weapons of Spiritual Warfare - Apr 18, 2012
What have you got to lose? - Why not believe in Jesus and accept Him as...
By calmcantey75

Religion in the Modern World - Apr 2, 2012
The only one getting into heaven is me - Sorry about your luck everyone...
By gomedome

WHAT'S THE SECRET HERE? - Mar 22, 2012
It Just Goes to Show...But What? - Quite often when I post something that...
By WaterKat

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