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What was I thinking? - Jun 3, 2010
AP Associated Press.. - `Banks' allow members to pay with time, not cash....
Humor - Popularity rank: 1480

Just a thought - Jun 2, 2010
Oil for Thought... - Something is puzzling me as to why the government...
Opinion - Popularity rank: 1484

Pomes from A Gemini - Jun 1, 2010
Tune IN - Tune In To the Town square Many a happy folks there We would...
Poetry - Popularity rank: 1485


Your Family Rights - May 26, 2010

by Inspired_Woman2010183 words, article

Your Rights as a Parent. The Do's and Don't s in Court. What your options are when facing allegations.

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Make sure you attend all appointments regarding you and your child. If you feel you are being railroaded. You probably are. Make sure you approach it as professional as possible and stay calm. You have a right to get a second opinion. This might cost you out of pocket but it is well worth it. You can access information through state and federal officials if you believe that your child has been victimized. Keep all documentation in a safe place. Never disclose the information you have to defend..

Parents Lesson from their child - May 21, 2010

by Inspired_Woman2010430 words, short story

Life and Times of Parenting. What makes you feel the most gratified being a parent?. How siblings interact with each other in a close family. With security and structure. A parents point of view on parenting..

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As your child gets older and leaves the nest. What are you going to do with all those mother instincts? Your worrying about if your child is going to remember everything you have tried to teach him/her. You can be assured that they remember most of it.